Using The Accessibe WordPress Plugin for Enhancing the Web Accessibility of Your Company’s Site

If you really wish to boost the performance of your company website with respect to web accessibility and traffic, installing Accessibe for WordPress sites is a smart move. With the help of this extensive plugin, you are able to boost the accessibility of your site without hassles at all.

The primary objective of the plugin is to assist you in fixing the present errors in your site so that it meets all the WCAG 2.0 AA regulations, making it simple for users with disabilities to access.

An overview of the Accessibe WordPress plugin

Now, the question that comes to your mind is, how can you use the Accessibe WordPress plugin for your site?

Every time a new image is added to the webpage or the post of your site, remember to add the alt text to the image, or else the plugin will ignore it. It will be activated for all the posts and pages of the site. If you wish to deactivate it for certain posts and pages, all you need to do is uncheck the boxes located alongside them.

In the main menu of the plugin, you will find the settings, and there is a list of pages and posts where you can check whether the plugin has been activated or not for them.

The general settings of the plugin

The general settings of this plugin are divided into three groups, and they are –

  1. Handling,
  2. HTML, and
  3. CSS

Handling- the primary objective of this setting is to inform the plugin as to how errors should be handled with five options.

The HTML and CSS settings- When the plugin detects errors on the site, it adds them as HTML elements or classifies them as CSS classes. For each error the plugin detects, it creates an HTML container, and it is placed inside a div container with a class called accessibe-error, and this is the place where you will find all the errors that the plugin has detected.

The logs setting- There are two options available under thissetting, and they are the accessiBe icon, which helps you to add an icon to the header of the site to display that it is accessible, and the hide icon option, which allows you to hide this icon from the header of your site.

When it comes to the HTML and the CSS classes of the Accessibe WordPress plugin, you are able to get a list of the HTML elements and the CSS classes that you can embrace for correcting site mistakes. You will find them in the ‘accessibe-element’ and the ‘accessibe-class’ segments.

For styling the HTML elements of the site, you can enable or disable the CSS styling codes of the plugin. In this way, you can set up the plugin and use it conveniently for arresting accessibility issues keeping compliance lawsuits at bay with success! If you want to disable the markup code of this plugin, you should use the option of markup and styling for the task.