Using Social Media Analytics Tools from NetBase Quid

Social media has provided a multi-faceted platform in online marketing with an international reach and numerous clients. It is a lucrative idea that entrepreneurs need to adopt when marketing their brand. When employing social media analytics tools, the focus is on your services and products. NetBase Quid is a well-known company that centers on market insights for corporate activities. They provide all services related to corporate trends and market intelligence.

They also help you learn more about your clients, markets, and competitors. NetBase Quid employs highly advanced artificial intelligence to process every data resource, whether unstructured or structured. NetBase Quid has worked with reputable organizations such as Microsoft, the New York Times, and Walmart.

Do You Need a Marketing Strategy?

When opening an enterprise, you could be overwhelmed by the numerous activities. In particular, when you are looking to launch a campaign on social media. Many people are aware of the existence of social media tools, although they are unsure of where to begin. It would be best to familiarize yourself with the process to understand the role of these essential tools.

They are crucial in developing a presence and gaining more clients. You can use various platforms such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On the upside, you can do without all these platforms. You need to choose one of these social media sites and advertise your brand. The trick lies in establishing a strong presence on a single digital platform.

Different Social Media Analytics Tools


The tool develops content in the digital space. Visual content will drive more engagement from the target market compared to plain text. This sort of content is useful when taking things up a notch in your business. You can have an engaging platform that entertains the audience and provides short videos to post on social media.

Biteable provides you with numerous video templates, music, and animated scenes. If you want to advertise your services and products, this is the ideal tool for you. It is affordable and user-friendly, hence a perfect resource for brands.


Buffer is a scheduling tool applicable on social media sites such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can utilize it on Chrome extension and incorporate your content and articles. Buffer allows you to link your content to your existing account and share available insights.

It also enables you to customize photos and videos and monitor the progress of your content. The tool can develop a plan for when to post your content, reply to your posts, and add more team members.


Buzzsumo is a marketing research tool that helps brands comprehend the competition and the market. The tool explores brand content and helps spread the message. It assures corporate success while expanding your reach. Brands can locate content from various channels and share it widely with the target audience.

You can find influencers on your topic of interest and receive notifications on the domain, author name, links, and keywords. Buzzsumo is ideal for monitoring the competition and analyzing data. Since Buzzsumo is a marketing research tool, brands can know all the emerging trends and relevant keywords.

You can view interesting posts and share relevant content to boost the performance of your organization. If you have a relatively high budget, you should consider using Buzzsumo Pro to conduct research on rival brands.

Bottom Line

Social media analytics tools remain a crucial aspect in marketing and can be employed by any company. You need to know details about your brand, prospective clients, and how to develop and optimize your presence on the internet. Social media platforms facilitate brand promotions and work in favor of online enterprises. NetBase Quid offers its clients all the benefits that come from employing these social media analytics tools.