Understanding the Benefits of Short News

The motive of this article is to introduce people to the idea that short a news can be extremely beneficial, both from a journalistic and a psychological standpoint. The article explains what short news is, why it has so many benefits that might benefit most from short news, and how it is publicly acknowledged by major media outlets such as CNN and Fox News.

It is also beneficial for journalists because there is no bias in reporting; short an article is able to focus on one or two key points instead of trying to cover everything. A journalist can make a good presentation based on a single story and make it important.

The article also shows how short news is both beneficial for readers and for the writer. Readers would not have to wait long to see their favorite stories, so they will read them faster and more often. It can also help improve journalism because there are fewer obstacles, making it easier to tell a story.

Some people, like those who are busy at work, appreciate short news because they do not have time to read long articles. The article recommends that people read the full story later, when they are not so busy, but they might not want to bother with clicking on the actual story link. This, in turn, makes them feel sorry for the journalist because they will likely find out that the article was censored.

There is also a psychological benefit to this. When people read short articles, they do not have as many thoughts running through their heads. They can relax and go back to focusing on other things. When someone writes something longer, they might have more thoughts than what they could communicate in a single line or paragraph and will have to pick and choose what to include in their writing.

To sum it up

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