TTSPY is the best phone spy app

Nowadays the phone tracker apps are popular among people due to the fact that the user of the target phone cannot detect them. However you should install the application on a phone on your child’s device or your other family members. There are many spy apps that can be used on both Android and iPhone to hack android cell phone, depending on the type of smart phone device you install.

Android and iPhone installation process

Installing a spy application is very easy and only takes a few minutes. For the iPhone spy app, the installation depends on whether you bought the jailbreak version or not. Consumers recommend versions without jailbreak because they do not require a physical phone to install the software. The jailbreak version requires a target iPhone to install the software. The common installation for IOS is that log in to a spyware account, enter the Apple ID and password of the target iPhone, and click Request data download.

You should have access to the target phone to install the spy application for android phones. Before installation, you must go to the security settings of the target device and check “Unknown source” if you do not download the spy app from Google Play store.

What is the best spy app for you?

We have tested many brand app, TTSPY app is the best spy application for Android or iPhone. No matter what the system of the target phone, the TTSPY app can be installed. The TTSPY app has all the features you expect, including text messages, contacts, call log monitoring and identification of GPS location. There are also additional features that many other spy apps do not have.

This app is the best spyware for mobile phones. It is easy for installation, intuitive control panel and at very competitive price. For the paid version, the application has everything you need such as GPS tracking, text message monitoring, all popular social chat applications. Following are some important features for you.

Take photos remotely

You can take photos remotely with the TTSPY spy app. Turn on the reverse camera of the target phone remotely. Activate the front and rear cameras of the target phone remotely to take photos which can be uploaded to the web server which you can login to check.

Email spy

With the TTSPY phone spy app, you can see exactly what is sent and received on the target phone. The email tracker collects all email messages. You can get the name information If the email address is in the phone’s address book.