Troubleshooting Canon printers

If your Canon printer got some issues, go through all these troubleshooting sections to correct it yourself.

Absence of power indicator

First, check whether the printer is getting power supply and then switch it on. Once the printer starts, the LED showing power supply will start emitting light. In case the power LED diode is absent, proper connections become mandatory. So check properly to correct any loose end. After that, press the power button over your printer.

If after performing the above mention procedure, the printer shows no sign of power. Then it indicates that there are some hardware issues with your printer. Now you should contact your dealer to deal with it.

Improper connections

A canon printer possesses two cables for connection, one that brings power while the other is for data transfer. Properly connect the data cable to the computer and the power cable to the power supply.

Blinking or orange light

When you end up doing the initial setup of your canon printer, you would able to see a solid dense light over it. If you find the indicator either blinking or orange, this means you got an error in the printer. This might be ink issue or jamming of paper or maybe some other issue

As all printers don’t follow standardization, if you find the light blinking, it is recommended to visit, otherwise you can check the manual as well.

Paper Jamming

Obviously, a printer is nothing without paper. Look if the papers are properly stacked into the printer’s paper tray. Then ensure that papers shouldn’t jam or partially fed into the way. If you find the papers jamming the way then reach to our website to get the easy solution.

Issue related to Canon inkjet printers

Whenever you come across an inkjet related problem, the light over the printer, that indicates the status might get start flashing. However, if this is not the case, then skip this topic and look for the next section. If you are using a new ink cartridge, look at the next part.


Drivers for Canon printers

In case, flashing light is absent on your printer and the connections are proper, then it might be possible that you got some driver issues. Under such circumstances, it is recommended to visit The website is a one-place solution to all your issues. Search for your printer and download the latest available driver.