Traditional Marketing Versus a Unified Approach to Marketing

I have been using unified marketing as a business owner for over a year, and I can say it is simply the best form of marketing that is sublime in fuelling my business to do more by unifying my marketing and workplace under one single platform with the required results.

What makes unified marketing, so excellent and a better alternative to traditional marketing for my business is the ability to combine multiple techniques and expand the target audience by developing, nurturing and converting, unlike traditional marketing that adopts only one strategy in reaching my target audience.

I stumble upon unified marketing from searching on the internet on the latest strategy on marketing my product and reaching the target audience. After being impressed by the reviews of past users, I decided to try out the strategies for my business due to a reason. The traditional marketing I’ve always adopted has numerous inefficiencies of one marketing strategy while unified marketing ignores the inefficiencies, for instance, the tradition SEO strategy I adopt always focus on developing backlinks, writing content and an internet linking structure. Consequently, it also ignores the testing of different websites design which always have a great effect on the bounce rate of my site which will affect the rankings of my website and thus causing a decline in the number of enquiries of my product.

However, when I adopt unified marketing, I realise this is the best strategy that excels in those efficiencies because unified marketing does not only focus on instilling value through an excellent visual design for the content but also focuses on developing other marketing strategies that may drive even more traffic to Google such as social media marketing and re-targeting. This prevents cases where potential customers saw my advertisement on Instagram only to go to Facebook and discover my competitor.

The process of using Unified marketing to develop my target audience is a gradual process as rushing or skipping any part may not bring out the desired result. I started with dotting my line which is developing the target audience. My target audience is everywhere on various social media platform, so I was forced to be calm when at this stage to recognize my target audience.

After developing my target audience, I was able to focus on nurturing; there is nothing difficult here, I just shifted the marketing campaign towards the target audience which I had developed in the first step. At this stage, I developed an excellent content marketing and well-targeted emails that conveys my value to the targeted audience. As a result of this, I was able to develop a sense of trust for my business and consequently paving the way for the next step in unified marketing which is converting the target audience to paying customer.

At this stage, I focus on achieving two things, to make my customer a paying one and to also make them a loyal customer. I do this by further nurturing via email and re-targeting. Completing these stages was able to guarantee paying and loyal customer for my business which was not the case when I explore traditional marketing to develop a target audience. Yes, traditional marketing was effective too but was limited to reaching the target audience. It doesn’t nurture the prospect I do generate then but unified marketing focuses on nurturing them and take care of all the marketing work for me.

This review won’t be complete without emphasizing on the elements I employ when using unified marketing. Unified marketing integrated more than ten elements of digital marketing into their marketing program, but I only make use of four elements which will be mentioned accordingly.

Email Marketing: This element is used when nurturing my target audience, all I do is rectify an email drip campaign which has been created by the unified team to help nurture and convert my already existing customer base. It has an added benefit of an email campaign which enables me to sell more goods or services to previous customers in my pipeline that need more value to be instilled in their decision-making process.

Content Marketing: I adore this element as a business owner because it builds authority and adds trust to my business. The reason for this is that unified marketing has journalists on staff from Forbes, the Huffington Post, and other similar publications which make unified the ideal marketing strategies that establish the trust for my business.  One added advantage of this is that it also generates my audience with these authoritative media outlets and nurture my target prospects through publishing various segments of blog posts directly on my business’ website or in some cases, on third-party niche relevant blogs. Although this does not apply to every marketing strategy out there, it is great for my business because it is a confident resource to have access to when deciding between two companies.

A/B Testing: This element is also used in nurturing my target audience through every element of my marketing strategy with split A/B testing which ensures all my marketing strategy convey my business image, value and many other factors.

Building Value: Since competitors are inevitable, I use this element in nurturing and converting my target audience through establishing my product value with key-indicators that my prospect and thus differentiating my business from other competitors significantly.

Those four elements mentioned are the marketing strategies I’ve been using for my business in unified marketing, but there is another element that is also very relevant in unified marketing. I haven’t explored this element in practical, but I learnt about it online. The element is conversion optimized landing page which supports converting my target audience after they’ve been generated and nurtured through creating mini-campaigns and landing pages that revolve around building product value with each landing page focused on the stage the prospect is in the sales pipeline which has been previously expressed through various elements of marketing strategy.

Unified marketing is not what can be only be heard but not practised. It is when practised that all the elements of marketing can be explored to give your business the public adversity it deserved.