Top Reasons To Use A Mass Text Messaging Platform For Your Political Campaign

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There are several reasons why text messaging should be used for political campaigns. The truth is, the best campaigns have and still use bulk SMS for election campaign platforms to connect and communicate with their staff, constituents, and other groups that are playing a critical role in their campaign strategy. Any campaign manager with experience should consider using text messaging or bulk SMS for an election campaign. Those who use text messaging platforms typically have an excellent chance of winning. 

You can say what you want about President Obama or President Trump; the fact is that they both used mass text messaging. In turn, both presidents ran very successful campaigns. A text messaging platform allowed Trump and Obama to easily and quickly communicate with their targeted audience. They were able to do this before and after their campaigns. 

During Trump’s run and Obama’s run, mass text messaging proved to be crucial in retaining a following. They both managed to retain a massive following after they left office. It’s safe to say that mass text messaging played an enormous role in helping them win the presidency.

The good news is you can easily use a text messaging platform to communicate with your targeted audience. One of the best things about using a platform for your political campaign is you can include call-to-actions in your messages. However, there are even more reasons to use a mass text messaging platform. A few of the top reasons include: 

  1. Send Quick Updates 

Candidates running for public office need a way to communicate effectively and clearly with their staff and supporters. You want to have the ability to send out information as quickly as possible but without increasing the risk of compromising your other strategies, which includes branding. This is exactly why you should use mass text messaging. 

It’s important to update supporters when there are only days left in the election. You can do just that by using a mass text messaging platform. You never want to rely on word of mouth to get your message across. You should be quick when it comes to information supports of any changes to your candidacy or to your campaign. 

Another way to use mass text messaging is to let your supporters know about events you will be hosting and/or participating in. You can send out a mass text message with the details about the event, such as safety information, directions, and things of that nature. It is essential to let your supporters know where you’ll be because your political campaign needs all the support it can get.  

  1. Volunteer And Staff Communications 

When it comes to running a political campaign, the importance of communication can’t be stressed enough. Your campaign will communicate with various groups across different locations and time zones. A mass text messaging platform can make it easier for you, your staff, and volunteers to communicate with one another. 

Every person on your staff and your volunteers should have a mobile phone, which is why you should incorporate mass text messaging into your political campaign strategy. By having the ability to send out mass text messages, your people will always remain in the know. You can let them know about canvassing efforts, upcoming events, and assignments, to name a few. 

  1. Get People To Your Fundraising Page 

One of the biggest parts of running a campaign is fundraising. Mass text messaging platforms can make sending people to your fundraising page easy. All you have to do is send out a text message to your supporters that encourages them to visit your fundraising page. 

By using a mass text message platform, you’ll see your fundraising goals being reached easier. Not only that, but you’ll be able to capture their contact info.  In turn, you can message them in the future about events, additional fundraising efforts, and more.

  1. Keywords On Your Signs 

Political signs need to be improved, but you should still be using them. Signs can spread the word about your campaign and it’s a great way for supporters to show that they want you was their elected official. A mass text messaging platform can be used to improve your signs’ benefits. You can have a keyword, which your supporters or the public can text.

Your signs will become more familiar with the general public. Furthermore, supporters will likely visit your website. They may even show interest in any other online materials you have. 

  1. Set Supporters On An Automated Drip Campaign

Once people text the keyword to your platform, then you’ll capture their contact information. What this lets you do is save their information and then you can contact them on a continuous basis. You can use a mass text messaging platform to set your supporters up on a drip campaign similar to marketing drip campaigns. 

You can remind your supporters about taking action on things. You can also keep them engaged throughout your entire campaign. This includes right up to the minute you win beat the opposing campaign. 

Using mass text messaging platforms to reach younger voters is more effective than using email. All voters have to do is type in a word to text. These days younger voters are texting more than ever before, which means you should be using text messaging to reach out to them. Younger voters will be more inclined to support your campaign when you reach out to them via texting. 

  1. Poll Your Supporters

Finally, let’s not forget to mention that there are many issues that your campaign managers will need to concentrate on. You can help your managers be more organized by using a mass text messaging platform. In addition, your campaign can determine which issues should receive the most attention by polling your supporters. 

When you receive support responses, you can decide what talking points should be used. This allows you to tweak your campaign, so it resonates with your supporters. Too many campaigns waste time calling supporters, who often don’t respond very well to polls done via the phone. Instead, you can text them.

As previously mentioned, many young voters are texting more now more than ever before. As a result, you can poll your younger voters, as well as all of your other supporters. Best of all, you can send out several polls within a short period of time, which will increase your chances of getting a response. Another benefit of using mass text messaging platforms for polling is how easy and fast it is to conduct polls.