Top Five Video Marketing Softwares for Business

When it comes to video marketing, software is essential. However, what software you choose is up for some debate. There are hundreds of options for recording, editing, publishing, and marketing videos online. That’s why today, we’ve brought you the five best of the best video marketing software.

Animoto – Best for Making Fast Videos

The first up is Animoto. An automated video editing tool, this program makes fast video creation a breeze. Professional level videos are created with custom and stock videos and photos with music, themed text, filters, and other embellishments. 

As for pricing, Animoto has a few options. Personal for $77 a year, professional for $2369 per year, and Team for $646 per year. All plans include no Animoto watermark, unlimited video creation, video download, video share, and a free music library. 

Wirecast – Best for Editing Live Videos

Morden video marketing isn’t always edited and posted at a later time. Live video streaming can transform your business’s engagement and sales. Wirecast is the perfect way to transform your computer or study into a television studio for events like guest lectures, award ceremonies, announcements, and more. 

Create live videos with tools like transitions, animated titles, social media comments, live captioning, professional audio, and even soundboards. While it is a larger investment at least $695 per year, the reward is properly used will be even bigger.

Animaker – Best for Making Animated Videos

You don’t have to use “real people” in your videos to get the attention of your clients. Rather, animated videos work great, depending on branding and company voice. That’s why Animaker is great. Their software helps you churn video content as needed.

Showcase products and services and make ads in minutes flat without spending months learning animation. Customize video with text, fun characters, graphs, stats, and more. What’s best about this video maker, it is completely free! 

Promolta – Best for YouTube Video Marketing

If you want to get more views on your YouTube video, then this is the software that you’ll need. You simply sign up for an account, let the program know which video you want to promote, the target audience, and the budget you have to promote it. 

From their, Promolta will take care of the rest. What’s better about this marketing platform, they will make sure you get to the right audience by putting your video onto social media, blogs, and apps. No longer will you be limited to YouTube’s recommendations for views. 

We Tag Videos – Best for Interactive Video Marketing

Last but not least, on this list is We Tag Videos. A newcomer to the block, this group is changing the way that videos are promoted altogether. With their platform, you can layer videos with interactive chat boxes, informational blurbs, and even video-in-video. 

Their concept is perfect for people looking to sell products like clothing or even cars. The idea that people can watch a video and learn more just by clicking on the dress in the video is revolutionary. If interactive video marketing is something you try, you can be sure it will boost your sales.