Top 9 App for Webtoon and Manga Lovers

Today, the strong development of manhwa webtoon has occupied a large market in Korea and is expanding directly to compete with its major Japanese manga competitor in the global comic market.  Every year, the estimated comic book market in Korea gives the country $ 900 million, of which webtoon accounts for 80%. According to research experts, the industry growth is up to 9.2% / year.  In the era of technological development, electronic media are becoming more and more popular, besides posting stories on websites, using webtoon apps is extremely useful. The comic book app allows users to download and read books even without an Internet connection, which is an advantage that comic book websites cannot.  In this article, let’s take a look at the famous storybook apps, which are read by a large number of readers who love webtoon manhwa and Manga.

 1-Line Webtoon 

Line Webtoon can be considered as the most widely used app in Korea to read manhwa webtoon.  It is understandable that Line Webtoon was developed by Naver Corp, a pioneer in Korean comics.  In this application, readers are allowed to access and access a vast treasure of webtoon, diverse genres.  The number of comic categories that this app offers is up to 170,000 +, from emotional, psychological, spiritual to detective, horror, … Besides, the smart application design allows for  Optimized reading scroll to make reading experience more vivid for readers. Not only that, readers can completely download their favorite series and read offline completely free. With the expansion of the market, providing applications for countries other than Korea, Line Webtoon is becoming more and more popular in the mind of the manhwa webtoon community.


Spotton is a global comic reader application with outstanding features optimized for users.  Application developed and built by Huffington Post. With Spottoon you can easily manage your own comic book library, and you can even enhance your personal collection by adding as much of your favorite content.  Spottoon’s graphics are also a plus point of this application, with smooth graphics, smooth scrolling of story pages from one board to another to create excitement for users. Besides, the easy synchronization of personal stories on different platforms also helps a lot for users.  The application is currently compatible with both Android and IOS operating systems.


Webcomics is an impressive reading app with a large number of publications from webtoon, manga and novels, allowing readers to freely choose.  NeoBazar Inc. Introducing that this app will give you mostly romantic content. Only with Webcomics, you can update the global trend of romance stories without having to go to any bookstore.  Webcomics gives users a huge treasure of webtoon from Korean and Indonesian authors. Besides, the application also provides hundreds of novels that are constantly updated, allowing users to update the fastest.  However, the application is still limited because it is only released and compatible on Android operating systems.

 4-WebComics – Daily Manga

Daily Manga is a great application developed by SideWalk Group Inc.  This app is famous for a large number of licensed comics, allowing users to read stories anytime, anywhere without getting bored.  Webcomics – Daily Manga attracts users with full HD series, with more than 500 series published each year. The page loading speed and traffic for your device are extremely intuitive thanks to the optimized and proprietary technology developed by the provider.  Along with that, readers can share their comments, comments and suggestions for content creators, thereby helping to improve the quality of the series. You absolutely can become a story author and you can post your comics on this application after being censored.  Currently the application is being released and is available in both Android and IOS operating systems.


Can’t forget this site is the strong impression that global readers talk about Manytoon.  Webtoon Manhwa Hentai and the best mature manga website in the world, with over 5000 copyrighted titles and high quality.Manytoon is the biggest name in the global comics industry.  with adult manga, mature webtoon hentai. Read Manhwa webtoon hentai online for free.


Tim Oliver brought iComics to the market with the aim of enabling readers to enjoy DRM-free comics on iOS.  iComics – Digital Comic Reader gives users a lot of great features and can synchronize and create personal reading stores of each person smoothly and quickly.  iComics supports many formats such as ZIP, RAR, CBR, TAR, LZH, LHA, PDF, CB7, 7ZIP and many other comic formats to make scrolling super smooth, creating a sense of comfort when  Flip each comic page. Along with those great advantages, all you need to do is download the advanced application right away and get the most satisfying experience.

Tapas has a large collection of English webcomics and manhwa webtoons from over 8,000 artists.  The site aims to create a large platform where comic authors can publish their works for free, describing itself as the “YouTube of comics”.  Since 2016, Tapas Media’s mobile application has also published books through the freemium business model with mature Comics content.

Great website and app for fans of Marvel Comics, Dc Comics, Dark Horse, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Valiant Comics with 15,000 titles from manhwa webtoon, manga to comics of Europe and America with Batman Comic, Superman Comic, Spiderman  Comics, Ironman Comics, Thor, Hulk, …. readers can read free comic online here. Surely you will be very satisfied.

 9-Manga Hentai

With thousands of high quality manga and DouJin (Dōjinshi) manga readers, readers are lost in a mangahentai forest and they cannot forget.  The top of the comics with various topics, regularly updated is extremely attractive. Give it a try once you get lost in Read Manga Hentai online for free.

Above are 9 popular webtoon, webcomics and comics reading apps for phones and many of the best features.  For each application are its own strengths in each category, if you are a webtoon enthusiast, do not hesitate to download these great apps right away and enjoy the best webtoon from today.