Top 7 must have & recommended Mobile Apps for 2019

Smartphones have become an indispensablepart of almost everybody’s lives.Not untila decade agocould we have imagined booking even a movie ticket sitting at the comforts of our home.And, today we are able to video-chat live with our friends across the globe, all thanks to smartphones and mobile apps!

Since their inception, iOS and Android have now grown into a vast sea of applications with around2.1 million and 2.6 million respectively. That’san overwhelming number of options to choose from, especially in today’s hectic lives where we are required to constantly take so many decisions.

So, this article will help ease one daunting task for you – keeping your phone more organized and clean with the just kind of mobile apps that are worth your while and phone space this year 2019!

Google Pay
This is a digital payment app from Google, formerly known as Tez. It is slowly and steadily gaining popularity for its ease of use, simple user interface and cool rewards.Not as popular as the likes of PayTM or PayPal, it is however a very user-friendly app and deserves to be listed among the top.

In addition, being a Google product, it gets credibility points straight out.

Therefore, overall, Google Pay is easily one of the highly recommended apps on Play Store, and is a must-try for everyone who wishes to make their lives easier!

Habit Tracker
One of the most important factors that plays a major role in driving productivity is ‘habits’. We want to incorporate more and more positive, life-building habit in our lives.

And, that’s not it! We will need to consistently keep ourselves on track to experience the desired results of these habits.

Habit Tracker is one such app that will help you not just monitor all your habits but also maintain them regularly. It could be as simple as drinking more water, correct and more breathing or even regularising your workout sessions.

Happify is a wholesome app to bring about a soothing experience in your lifeat any point. This app encourages a healthy, happy and positive life by helping you with options to bust all your stress, overcome negativity, concentrate on positivity and make optimism your second nature. It also guides you in boosting your self-esteem.

So, you can pick one of the several short exercises as per your need. Besides, it is interactive and can never really get you bored.

This app is a great blessing for all the social media buffs. So, what it does is help you make all your posts and even updates on various social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. well in advance – all through one single platform! Yes, that means no wastage of your valuable time and much less work to do.

This will turn out to be very beneficial forthe busy bees who find it difficult to take time out for their social media accounts but still want to be out there without spending plenty of time on it.

Well, if that’s your case, you should definitely use Buffer to enjoy effortless and hassle-free social media presence.

Classic Rummy
You are all set to have a fairly sorted phone with only good, useful set of apps in it. But well, what about the fun part? Of course, you can’t overlook that! That would be real boring and will sooner or later get to you!So, here’s one game app worth trying, especially if you are a fan of rummy or even card games for that matter.

Rummy is one of the traditional upcoming online games in India, and Classic Rummy is a great choice to enjoy the best experience of this game, on the go. The site itself is quite sorted in that you have 3 rummy variants (pool, deals and strikes) along with tournaments – just enough to get you started as well as keep you playing without getting confused or bored- thanks to its user-friendliness and ease of use.

Besides, they have also incorporated some exciting features in their new app, which definitely lifts up the fun factor of the gameplay.So, try this app for an amazing rummy experience.

Flipboard gets you the latest news, stories on sports, fashion, business, politics, food and a lot more in curated form for you to sit back and just flip through them all. Just select the topics you wish to read and get updates about.

And, keep enjoying quick updates on the trending news and stories on the topics of your choice all through the day.

A great app that will pretty much satiate your appetite for reading and keep you updated!

This is an interactive trivia game show quiz app that conducts live game shows in which all the players participate all at once in real time. So, the game has a host who asks a total of 10 questions in each round. And, each question has a 10 second timer. Even one wrong answer eliminates you from the game.

All those players who answer all the 10 questions correctly get an equal share of the total prize money. And, yes, it is real money that is won in the form of Paytm cash!

This one-of-a-kind mobile game is available twice during weekdays and once during the weekends. It is sure a great app to win money while testing your knowledge.

So, these 7 mobile apps are definitely worth your time and will help you have a quality time with your phone.