Top 7 Best ios Launchers for Android

With the various Android-based iOS launchers accessible, you can turn even the most straightforward, least cost Android cell phone into a sensible iPhone copy.

With an iOS launcher, by just downloading a little application, introducing it, and making a change or two, you can actually make your Android Launchers cell phone move and sing like an iPhone.

Top 7 Best ios Launchers for Android

Google Play Store offers around 100 iOS launchers for download—some free, some with an ostensible charge. Like most Android applications, the download and installation take a minute or two.

3D iLauncher X and Control Center IOS 12

While 3D iLauncher is stacked with 3D impacts, for example, video live backdrops, more than 1,000 themes, and more than 10,000 backdrops, it likewise brings a large number of the 3D impacts accessible in the recent versions of iOS to Android.
3D iLauncher is controlled by a 3D activity animation graphic that empowers support for 3D themes and widget impacts, Lock Screen 3D impacts.

Control Center iOS 12

One of the most well known iOS highlights is its Control Center. Truly, Android has its very own arrangement of control boards, however, honestly, they’re spread out in a drill-down menu style and thusly to some degree hit-and-miss when searching for explicit settings.
In the event that you need to make your gadget settings work more as they do on iOS, a helpful method to do that is with LinnTinh Developers Control Center iOS 12

Launcher iOS 12

Launcher iOS 12 makes your Android gadget mimic iOS 12. Your settings and functions are orchestrated into an iOS-like Control Center, and famous gestures and different highlights.

Launcher iOS 13

It comes with a 12 and 13 style desktops with implicit File Explore and File Manager support, permitting desktop computer like designs with highlights, for example, search, explore, copy, paste, etc.

NEW Theme for Phone X

New Theme for Phone X is a piece of a collection of profoundly a stylish theme and appealing themes in various motifs intended for the youth on a fundamental level, including cars, comics, science fiction, photography, and numerous others.

While you won’t discover a great deal of new functionality here, your cell phone can, with two or three gestures, change from one lot of eye-popping graphics to another. It’s all appealing and fun.

OS 11 Lockscreen

Instead of supplanting the whole Android interface, a few clients need to include or replace some specific parts of one interface with another.
Numerous clients, for instance, incline toward the iOS lock screen to Androids. That is the place launchers like OS 11 Losckscreen come.

The theme for iOS 11

Here’s another application that is moderately new and hasn’t had numerous raters. It’s not a very good launcher; rather, it’s a gathering of stunning themes and backdrops packaged with a conventional HD launcher.
Essentially, at that point, all it truly does is make the backgrounds, wallpapers, and different screens on your phone in an iPhone way.

What we like

  • They are secure and compatible
  • They are not harmful to your phone

What we don’t like

  • They take up space on your phone
  • Makes the phone slow sometimes.

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