Top 5 tips to crack the IAS interview round

IAS Interview is the last stage for selection in the IAS exam. The interview is taken to test the personality and intelligence of the candidate. It is conducted by a committee having one head and members who are experts in their fields. Getting a good IAS Result is one of the most difficult things for students in India.

It is imperative for candidates preparing for the IAS Interview to know that the personality test carries 300 marks out of the total 2300 marks and it is the last hurdle that stands in their way.

It is very important that the aspirants prepare for the interview with equal zeal and enthusiasm as it plays a very crucial role in not only obtaining success but also achieving a higher rank.


Random questions are asked from any field whether it is academic or nonacademic. Members of the interview board try to examine the personality of a candidate in just a few minutes. Confident and trust are the qualities that can be the only motto which can help the candidate to succeed.

To make you more comfortable in understanding about IAS interview, we have top 5 tips that you can follow when you start preparing for the interview in the best manner. Check the tips below.

  1. 1. Always Start your Interview Preparation from January Onwards:

The first tip is to start your preparation from the start of the year. You will get at least 3 months to prepare for the IAS Interview. But it is recommended to start preparing from one year onwards so that you get enough time. Beginning your preparation from the start of the year is beneficial for the candidates as they have a basic agenda from the start only. Also, it helps the candidates to easily cope up with the topics that he/she has to prepare for the said interview. Also, make sure you’re thorough with IAS Syllabus a few questions might even be hurled from there.

  1. Give respect to the jury members who will take your Interview:

 Once you enter the interview cabin, give due respect to the members of the jury who will be going to take your interview. The board members will notice your mannerism and decide whether you will be fit or not for the post. So, take manners very seriously. The members will also test your manners, honesty and other qualities by giving you different situations and you have to analyze these situations accordingly.

You should be calm, polite and well dressed for the interview. The interviewers will analyze you very keenly. So be well dressed as well. Do not forget what you wrote in your mains exam. While you give your interview, you will be asked what you did in your mains. So, remember and revise what you did there properly.

  1. For Serious Question give a Serious Reply: Although you should give a slight smile and give answers cheerfully. But if you are asked a serious question then you should answer seriously as well. You have to show board members that you care about what they are asking for. Be a little cautious while answering the questions. They may give you marks on the basis of your facial impression. Be confident about your answer. Don’t be shy. You should be to the point while giving your answer.
    4. Have positive views in your Mind and have a proper command of your language skills: When you go for the interview with a positive mindset you will surely succeed. Usually, it happens that negative thoughts would start entering into your mind. Don’t be a pessimist and think about the good thinks around. Don’t be nervous and don’t let negative thoughts enter your mind. Especially when you are giving an interview for the first time. So be positive and think positive. It does not matter what is the medium of the interview. Be it Hindi or English or any other. What matters is that you should have a good command over a particular language.
  2. It takes more courage to listen than to speak and do not lie: You must listen to the interviewer before you answer anything regarding the question asked to you. It is good to listen properly and then answer rather than interrupting when the members are speaking. If you are asked some tough questions or questions that you would not like to answer then do not tell a lie and be calm. Never create a fake story to show your worth.

You should always look into their eyes and talk without hesitation. Do not look down or elsewhere and answer.