Top 5 Offline Password Managers As Of 2023

1. 1Password

1Password provides both online as well as offline functionality. It is a tool for families which enables you to add as many individuals as you desire. One of its most notable characteristics is its capacity to store information other than passwords. You may also preserve software licenses and important data. You may save all of your information to your device. This software includes multifactor authentication and auto-fill extensions. 1Password has an extension for the browser that’s compatible with several of the most popular browsers. To use the extension, you must have administrator privileges. Also see Best offline password manager for pc

2. RoboForm

RoboForm is a versatile offline password manager with an extensive range of functions. It provides comprehensive functionality for online and offline use. It comes with a free and premium edition, with minor variations between the two. There are a few more features that come with the free edition. This helps you to determine whether your password is secure enough. You may save an infinite number of passwords and share them with other users. RoboForm delivers excellent customer service and categorizes data for ease of use. For added protection, RoboForm also enables biometric authentication.

3. Bitwarden

Bitwarden is a popular online and offline password manager due to its strong security and flexibility. Bitwarden is not free, however most of its functions are accessible in the free edition as well. One of its outstanding offline features is the capacity to use your files without using the internet. It enables you to examine the passwords that were most recently synchronized to the cloud. The main advantages of the subscription version include increased security, such as additional 2FA options and emergency access. The free version is just as safe as the finest offline password manager. Bitwarden provides emergency access in the event of a problem.

4. Enpass

Enpass is designed to give total offline security. One of the fantastic advantages of Enpass is the option to generate a copy of your personal information. You may avoid total loss of information and constantly have control over your information using this method. It protects your login information as well as your backup files. This encoded file can be moved to another PC, but only with the validated secret password can it be decrypted. Enpass allows you to transfer files across a single network. This application also supports many browsers.

5. KeePassXC

KeepassXC is a full-featured offline password manager with a high level of security. It offers many security choices, enabling you to choose your favorite solution. Autofill is another fantastic feature to look out for. This relieves you of the hassle of having to input your password every time you require it to get to your web pages and services. KeepassXC is completely free, and all of its features are accessible to all users. As a result, it is perhaps the finest free password manager available. This software can sync passwords between devices by using Google Drive.