Top 10 Successful Business Leaders Who Endorse Crypto currency 

Here is a list of of ten highly successful business leaders and C.E.O’s who are advocate supporters of crypto currency. If these self-made millionaire and billionaires can see great investment opportunities in the digital asset you should consider it too. In this list are dynamic venture capitalist such as Tech investment entrepreneurs Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss who were the first official bitcoin billionaires back in 2013, turning their $11 million bitcoin investment to a whooping $1 billion according to CNBC. 

The list: 

1,) Winklevoss twins, Founders of Winklevoss Capital Management 

2.) Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple 

3.) John McAfee, Founder of McAfee Associates (Software Company) 

4.) Jessicah Versteeg, Founder of Paragon (Cannabis blockchain company) 

5.) Frederick Achom, Founder of Rosemont Group Capital Partners and DAP Capital 

6.) Jerry Yang, Co-founder of 

7.) Peter Thiel, Co-founder of PayPal, Palantir Technologies and Founders Fund

8.) Gary Vaynerchuck, CEO of VaynerMediaand VaynerX subsidiary, 

9.) Michelle Mone, Founded Lingerie Company Ultimo 

10.) 50 Cent, Rap entrepreneur and movie producer