Tips When Choosing Magnifying Glasses for Eyeglass Wearers

Having visual impairments will never be easy because it restricts one’s capabilities and there would be variations in your usual routines as well. For example, if you’re reading and using a computer or mobile phone, then you’ll need to wear eyeglasses. When you’re working, it’s a must to put this on so that you can do your job properly and prevent mistakes.

Those are just a few of the many things you need to deal with as a part of your adjustment period which is quite tough at first. But some individuals need more than just eyewear because their professions or undertakings require them to wear one. Let’s take a look at, where you can get more details about magnifiers or spectacles made in Germany.

We’re used to classic-style magnifying glasses that we often see in movies involving detective and treasure hunter roles. But now that technology has advanced, a magnifier isn’t only designed to correct impairments or enlarge views. Optoelectronic systems are already involved so amplifying is significantly hi-tech, thus, you must choose based on your specific needs.  

Magnification Power

Magnifying is usually represented by a number and “X” to indicate strength. For example, if it’s defined as 2X, then the object you’re viewing is two times enlarged. Even when you’re using digital screens today, you’ll even find view options for magnification.

However, if this is meant for eyeglasses, then you’ll also deal with diopter or lens curvature’s degree. As this increases, the power and thickness of its lens also follow.

To calculate power, divide the diopter by 4 and add 1. So, if it’s 8, then the strength of this lens would be 3X. With the help of technology and experts in this field, modifying and adjusting lenses is easier.

Types of Magnifiers

Visual impairments can’t be managed by simply putting on trendy and expensive eyewear. If you suspect that your vision is strange, then there’s a need for a specialist’s advice. In this way, you can be diagnosed and treated properly.

Even those who are already wearing eye-correction glasses need regular checkups. It’s because they may need a stronger spectacle. Thus, you should find a reliable optometrist in Germany and get the most suitable eyeglasses for daily use.

These specialists have a wide range of options for diverse purposes – read this to learn more. Opticians are aware of people’s demands, so you must know what these are designed for.


Everybody knows about this lens and some of you might even have one at home. Young kids thought of this as a toy, so they often play with it. However, they’re not aware of the risk involved when they use this to burn a piece of paper through sunlight.

A lot of adults have been using this to enlarge whatever they’re reading small fonts or look at tiny images. This is very useful in different undertakings, though it limits your movements since you should hold the hand.

These types are still available in the market today. However, consumers prefer something that would be more convenient and comfortable for daily or frequent use. Thus, even if LED technology is already incorporated into the lens, it’s still hand-held so it’s ideal for short-term or temporary usage.


This type of magnifier can be used long-term because it can be mounted and may come with legs. At the right angle and distance, satisfaction in viewing texts or images can be obtained. That’s because of an improved field of view or FOV.

Therefore, even if you’re wearing eyeglasses, you won’t have issues with magnifying. At first these are only designed with non-illuminated models so shadows are often hindrances to your FOV. Fortunately, we now have self-illuminating versions, thus, it’s not fully dependable on the environment’s light.


When a person who requires a lens is suffering from certain conditions, such as hand tremors hand magnifiers would bring discomfort. That’s because his hands’ dexterity level is bad so he must his both hands to function well. In this case, he must choose a hands-free type to accomplish his tasks.

I suggest you choose spectacles with compound, hyperocular, and multi-order diffractive lenses. It’s also designed with a clip-on and is usually found in most clinical setups. A medical practitioner should give you a piece of advice when your condition is associated with sight loss.


This device is a type of lens designed to capture and show the output on a screen, where it’s manipulated. One of this kind is the CCTV which we’re already familiar with. Through the years its features are getting advanced with the help of technology.

Another kind of Electronic Vision Enhancement System is the portable EVES. These are devices that assist in improving contrast and manipulating colors. With the DLS or dynamic line scrolling function, you can get a better view if you’ll scroll images or texts.

Visiting a Specialists

The first thing that you need to do is find a reliable expert in Germany. You need to book consultations as well because the specialist must check your vision. In this way, he’ll know how to correct or treat your visual impairment.

When you visit the office or clinic, you’ll be asked to face a machine, such as a tonometer or other vision screener. They’re going to use a phoropter and you’ll need to read the eye chart, too. After that, the consultation begins and you should follow his instructions.