Tips for Protecting and Fixing Cords at Homes 

You don’t have to keep buying new cords; there are several ways to protect your cables and keep them fresh with cheap items.

Using these protection tips for cords that are mostly used around the home will increase the life span of your cables.

For the repair tips, use on low voltage cords like phone charging cables, headphone cords, or gaming console controller cords. However, it’s advisable to discard damaged larger cords such as extension cords, to prevent fires or shock. Also, always unplug cables before trying these tips.

Shield Cords with Tubing

If your pet chews on your cables, there’s a simple way to protect them. Get a roll of clear vinyl tubing, one side of the tubing, create a slit down, and slip it over the exposed cables.

Use Spiral wrap to Wrap Cables

If you think the previous tip sounds like too much work, you can also buy a spiral wrap to wrap your cables. Interestingly, this product lets you wrap multiple cables together.

Avoid Treading on them

Homes with very few outlets tend to have cables scattered across where people walk and can result in cables destroying quickly.

A practical solution to this is by protecting cables with a cable bridge such as Vestil rubber cable protectors or the two-channel protector

Paint a New Cord

Liquid electrical tapes, such as Gardner Bender or PlastiDip, are liquid plastics that you can use to fix frayed or cracked cables. By merely applying two coats and letting it dry, your cable is as good as new.

Use Electrical Tape

Another cheap and simple fix is to use electrical tape to wrap your frayed cable. Starting with the frayed area, and then wrapping outward along the cord a few times to prevent damage.