TikTok and e-Commerce – How to Use and Sell on This Social Network

You who are tuned in and love social media must have heard about TikTok, or even already have a profile there! The app, which is a worldwide trend, promises to grow even more in 2022. In addition to this success, the APP can also be an ally when it comes to sales.

So today we’re going to talk about it, telling you more about how it works and bringing you tips to implement TikTok in your online store’s marketing strategy.

Tips for using TikTok in your e-commerce

1. Don’t get hung up on “right and wrong” and test

There is no “right and wrong” on TikTok. The platform is light, fun and free to test. However, avoid content that may negatively affect users.

Use common sense and conscience. In addition, test and see what your audience most is enjoying watching.

2. Watch viral content and see what brands are doing there

Last but not least, every day, see what’s “pop” on TikTok and notice some patterns that can help you come up with ideas for your online store’s content.

See also what brands are doing there, regardless of the segment. There are a lot of legal actions being produced and you could miss something important if you stay inside your market bubble. Expand!

3. Don’t make ads, make TikTok

“Don’t make ads, make TikTok”. With this slogan, TikTok brought out the main message of the event: produce paid content that looks like native content. But how so? People explain!

We are increasingly bombarded by digital advertising on our social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Because we are on social media with the intention of distraction, many of these ads become boring and become landscapes in the eyes of users. This is something TikTok wants to get away from, making the platform a pleasant environment for brands and their customer base. In short: sell, but in a fun, original and relevant way.

5. Complete Brand Funnel InsideTikTok

You know that story where you need several campaigns to go through a sales funnel, starting at the top until you reach the bottom, where the user is ready to convert?

With TikTok, the funnel is a “continuous wheel” where a single campaign can deliver awareness, consideration and conversion.

TikTok directly influences the purchase choices of those who use the social network. By having a native-looking ad culture, TikTok delivers more brand value to users. The result is people being influenced by the tool at all times.

6. Strong and engaged community

The sense of community within TikTok is greater and has more engagement than any other social network. That way, when a brand goes viral with some type of content, users share the videos in droves, boosting sales and, of course, their authority.

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The Community Commerce has the following flow:

  • A creator or brand makes content promoting a specific product;
  • Other TikTokers view the content and participate in the conversation;
  • Enthusiasm around the product increases and, consequently, sales;
  • The brand gains relevance within the tool and its engagement, in subsequent actions, becomes continuous.