Three Trending SEO Tools for Enhancing Digital Marketing

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There are many leading Web SEO services available which are both paid and free. SEO, these days, are very vital to growing your online business. With the latest trend of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based SEO technologies, like Alexa, Google Home, etc., everything is driven excellently by technology solutions and tools. In earlier days, SEOs were only constrained to share links and get wider outreach. But in evolving technological era, Google Search Console has brought a new revolution in the Web SEO industry. 

Many leading agencies help you in digital marketing and Web SEO through many free and paid solutions. Their SEO involves optimizing the content of the website to match the intent of users visiting your website and help them convert into customers. Through this article, we are trying to make you understand more about few powerful and free Web SEO solutions to enhance your digital marketing. Look for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert providing SEO services in Singapore

Google Analytics

This is indispensable free Web SEO which none of the serious digital marketing agencies can omit as this provides quite useful and analytical data about your website, such as number of returning visitors, traffic sources and demographics, etc. To use this, a simple script generated by google analytics needs to be embedded on your website which will then start generating reports by monitoring and crawling into your website activity.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

By using this tool, you need not engage full-time agencies or developers to update your website and make it mobile responsive. Just run your website through this tool and you will get to know whether the site is developed as per Google’s new algorithm or not.

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This is again one of the most essential Web SEO tool which every digital marketer should use. It does a comprehensive SEO audit and analysis displaying the percentage of search traffic and the number of backlinks the site possesses. SEMrush can even help you initiate both keywords as well as topic research and do a detailed competitive analysis. This is a freemium tool that can be used by logging into the SEMrush portal and entering your domain name that your wish to analyze. Subsequently, this tool analyses the amount of traffic the site is receiving along with top keywords that are sending the said traffic, the total number of backlinks, referring domains and the main competitors. Through this tool, you can even measure the quality of content placed on your website. 


These are just a few out of the many important tools that Web SEO must use. You may start using the free versions of fermium tools to determine if the same is working for the kind of conversions and analysis you are looking for. If the same works well for you, plan to upgrade to a best available plan which suits and fits your budget needs. The future of Web SEO exists in quick analysis and results for improvement on SERPs. Almost 50 percent of the visitors do not prefer waiting longer than 2 seconds for a page to load. Only informative and attractive content can help you retain the visitors on your site with interest. However, one should understand that the bounce rate will increase if the page load time is not decreased to a satisfactory level. Check this digital marketing agency called Next Level Singapore