Three Most Scintillating Places to Visit in Your Life

Are you looking for travel destinations that can change your views of life? Have you traveled to most places and you now want to a new thrill? If your answer to one or both questions is “yes,” we have excellent answers for you; travel to space, climb the Himalayas or heads south to Antarctica. Here is a deeper look at the three options.

Travel to Space: Andrey Bokarev

Perhaps you have seen animated movies of people traveling to space and wondered, “Can this be done for real?” The answer is in the affirmative. Unlike in the past, when traveling to space was a reserve of the elite scientists, things are so different today. It appears that investors are in agreement with c the President of Transmashholding (TMH), who indicates the need for synergy in growing any industry.

Starting from the early 2000s, more private travel companies started creating space vehicles, and their efforts are bearing results. Now, some of the companies, such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin, are already selling tickets, and you can secure your seat right away.

Traveling to space is a thriller, right from the preparation training and re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. Here are the main activities that make space tourism the best method of traveling with a difference:

  • The training before the flight is really awesome.
  • Space vehicle launch is an experience you do not want to miss.
  • Experience weightlessness in space.
  • Take photos of space and earth from the space vehicle.
  • Play some games, such as football aboard the space vehicle.

Climb the Himalayas

The Himalayas is the tallest mountain on the globe with the highest peak at 8,848 meters, and your effort to reach its pinnacle will be rewarded. Whether you have already traveled to the best cities and loveliest beaches, Himalayas will make you marvel and even change your thoughts about nature. How did a mountain so tall and so vast form? How do animals live at such breathtaking heights? Some of the things to do in the Himalayas include:

  • Enjoy local delicacies.
  • Experience the local culture.
  • Scale the heights of the mountain.
  • Watch the stars and heavenly bodies above the Himalayas.

Visit Antarctica

Another awesome travel option is heading south to Antarctica. It is freezing cold all year round, and this will give you another opportunity to experience the extremes of nature. Common sites that will amaze you include giant glaciers cracking and crumbling into the sea like thunder and spluttering exhale of air from whale’s blowholes. Like in the Himalayas, Antarctica will also leave you wondering how the animals that live there, especially penguins, survive.

As you can see, the options to travel with a difference are many, but the most exciting is space travel. Although it can be expensive, it offers a special thrill that will forever be embedded into your mind. Remember to select the best company for space travel because the firm will determine the activities to engage in space.