Three Emergency Plumbing Signs All Homeowners Should Know About

As a homeowner, you should know about the top emergency plumbing signs that call for a plumber. If you have just bought a new house, you should know that the plumbing system of old and new homes is complex, which is why you should educate yourself and learn about signs that you need a plumber right away.

This is specifically true if you have been living in a rental property before and the only responsibility that you have had was to pay the rent on time. On that note, watch out for the following three emergency plumbing signs.

You Have Low Water Pressure

Always look out for slab leak detection because if you don’t – the foundation of your house can get seriously damaged, and it will cost you so much more to fix things later to the point that you might have to get a new living space for yourself.

If the water pressure is low, you should know that you might be dealing with a leaking pipe. If the leakage remains undetected for some time, it can damage the foundation and structure of your house. So, you will need to treat it as an urgent sign that you need to get in touch with the plumber and fix the issue right away.

The Toilet Tank Keeps Filling

Now, this is an urgent sign that most homeowners tend to ignore. Why – you might ask? Well, the reasons might be as simple as this: it doesn’t bug them since they aren’t in the bathroom all the time to hear the toilet tank filling.

However, you should treat it as an emergency sign to call the plumbing services if you detect that the toilet tank is still getting filled even after an hour has passed after you used and flushed the toilet. Usually, a worn-out flapper or a faulty valve can be the reason. Sometimes, the flapper chain is too long or too short, which can prevent the flapper from getting properly sealed.

The best way to deal with the matter is to call a plumbing service and let a professional take a look so that they can fix it before you experience a serious surge in the water bill.

The Sink Isn’t Draining Properly

Most homeowners believe that they can fix a slow-draining sink themselves – however – sometimes the underlying reason is much more serious than a clogged pipe that could be causing the slow drainage. Of course, something is clogging up the pipe, which is causing the kitchen sink to turn into a greasy water pool.

Who knows what is stuck inside? It could be a children’s toy or even nasty pests, such as rodents. To fix this issue without relying on DIY tricks, you should treat this as an emergency situation and call the plumber, who can take a look at the clogged pipe and have it dislodged with the help of their tools.

So, don’t make the mistake of trying to push an old, deformed coat hanger in the pipe to fix it, as you can damage the pipe and cause more damage than is already done.