Three Common Home Printing Issues

Home printing is convenient. Obviously, it allows you to print documents at your own whimsy without having to try to make it to the copy store before it closes. And it can save you money if you find yourself printing a lot in a short amount of time.

But that does not mean home printing is without incident. Here are a few common problems people encounter with their home printer.


It is important to remember that print speed varies by machine. For one, laser printers are remarkably faster than inkjet printers. Knowing this, then, if your laser printing is moving at the pace of an inkjet printer (which is roughly half the speed of a laser printer), you could have a problem. This is where commercial printer repair clearwater fl services comes into play.

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That fact aside, though, slow printing could be the result of many different things, and not all of them are problematic. For example, if your printing is working slower than you would like, check the print settings. The default print quality should be “normal;” if the setting is higher than normal, you can definitely save time by reducing the print quality. That could also save you ink, too. To be honest, unless your print job has a professional purpose, the draft quality (the lowest quality) is fine for most jobs.

If you have a wireless printer and the job is taking too long, you might want to consider plugging your printer directly into your computer.  The network might have some disruption or interference that is delaying communication.


If your print job is coming out lighter than you expect or with spotty quality or horizontal lines, this probably means that you need to replace your ink/toner.  You can install new toner or, in some cases, you can refill the canon pgi-250xl/cli-251 xl ink tank cartridges.  It might also be that the printer head needs cleaning; so instruct your printer to clean the head before you replace the ink cartridge.


Common to the Microsoft Windows operating system, sometimes you will request a print job but nothing will come through the printer. If your computer is not showing you an error message, there is a good chance that the print job was sent to another printer (and probably the document printer). Regardless of where the job was sent, if it was not sent to the printer installed in your network, try the print job again but make sure that assign the right printer to the job. You can set your default printer in the “Devices and Printers” tab of the Start Menu.