Things you should consider before buying a CCTV camera

Day-by-day, the uses of CCTV cameras have been increasing constantly and because of which we have multiple choices to select a CCTV camera for our place and therefore it is recommended to go for security solutions Malaysia. People are mostly dependent on camera has its offers us safety easily. Everyone trusts CCTV services more than any other safety security system. But the points are, there is a various number of camera available in the market because of which people get confused about which one is best for their safety. As we know, every person has different qualities similarly individual camera has their benefits and we have to select the best for us. Also, if you are thinking of buying a camera from the market by the seller’s advice then it will only make your pocket empty. Because the Sellers only try to sell their products by telling us fake benefits. Therefore, before purchasing a camera you should have an idea that which one is good for you.

  1. Having separate SD card storage- with time the CCTV camera technology is upgrading at a greater speed. There are many cameras which give the facilities of slotting an SD card inside it. The new camera provides us with a different capacity of storage. You can buy it as per your usage. 
  2. Different angles of the camera-  there is any number of cameras that gives us the facility of rotating downwards and upwards direction. Having this facility in your camera will benefit you more as it will capture or record everything from each direction.
  3. Image grading-  the highest image quality provided by the camera is 720p or 1080p. Choosing a good quality camera is a better option. As it will show you everything clearly. Most of the cameras are good in looks but they didn’t provide us with the vision which we want. So, before buying it must consider these points.
  4. Motion or audio facility-  this modern facility is not so popular in India as it is very expensive. But, in the future, it will have great demand because of its benefits. Having a motion or audio facility for your camera will make you alert easily. By audio recording, you can hear all the voices of people. It is one of the best facilities available with CCTV cameras.
  5. Easy installation- the wireless camera is easier to install than the wired camera. A wireless camera is easy to set up at the place where you want but for the wire one you have to choose a particular place and it also has many issues to set up. Therefore, you can go for a wireless CCTV camera. Along with that security alarm system Malaysia is very easy to install. 
  6. Video chat facility- the modern camera also allows you to communicate with your family. In case of emergency, you can talk with them. As it has 2 microphone facility. You can’t have a better option than this.
  7. Waterproof camera-  if you want a camera for outdoor then you should buy a waterproof CCTV camera. A waterproof camera will help you in the rainy season. It won’t charge you to change your camera again and again. Hence, you can go for this.