Things You didn’t Know Your Phones Can Do


When you hear the word “smartphone,” what comes first to mind? Perhaps most of you would answer messaging, social media, gaming, productivity, movies, music, etc. Our phone makes our life a lot easier, and it is a powerful device that there are certain features you may not be aware of. 

In today’s article, I will talk about these simple hacks and tricks that should unlock hidden features in your phone, and hopefully, it will help you with your day-to-day activities in the process as well. So without any further ado, let’s begin…

Convert Your Smart Device into a Universal Remote Control

Yes, you’ve heard that right there are mobile applications today that can convert your phone into a universal remote control for your television, garage door, lights, air conditioner, AI assistance, and just anything you can just think of. You can even purpose your smart device as a remote control during your PowerPoint presentations.

Taking a Picture while Shooting a Video

While recording a video, most people would hit the pause button if they wanted to take pictures and then resume the video once they’ve captured the image. It’s the very rational thing to do, right? However, most people overlook this simple hack and are unaware that you actually don’t have to cease the entire thing, and you can take pictures even while the video cam is rolling. The huawei p60 pro has a 3 camera set up giving a magnificent shot.

To do so, the only thing you have to do is to press the grey or white button located near the record button. That’s it!

Split Your Screen

I bet you’re also not aware that you can split the screen of your smartphone? Now, this specific feature is available to any smartphone with Android 7.0 and up. It is also a very helpful productivity tool that allows you to multi-task on the go. To enable split-screen, go to “recent apps” and long-press the application logo located on top of every recent screen. And voila! You can now choose the screens you want to work with! 

Emergency Calls

You can actually call for help during an emergency for no cost at all. You can easily access them via your lock screen. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see the word “emergency.” Refer to it, and it will redirect you to a local rescue team to aid you.

Larger Fonts

You can also modify the font size of your phones if you have an eye condition or the current ones are inconveniently small to you. To change the size of the fonts, go to your Settings tab and find the Accessibility section. Scroll down and click Display Size or Font Size (depending on the operating system you’re using), and then select the size that suits your preference and is comfortable for you.

Battery Saving Features

Most updated Android operating systems today have a power saver feature located in the scroll-down section on your home screen. In addition, you can download battery-saving applications that can boost your phones’ life. You can also find phones that have outstanding performance in regards to power saving, and one of the best examples is the Honor 50 Lite battery. If you’re particular about this specific feature, then the Honor brand is the best one for you! It’s very affordable and offers tons of functionality.

Final Thoughts

I hope the article I have written for today has provided you with insights on some of the simple hacks you can do with your phone. Some of them may sound too straightforward, but they can definitely aid your daily activities.