Things to know about colored diamonds

Colored diamonds are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces. They come in various colors, including pink, blue, yellow, and even black! This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about colored diamonds. We will cover their history, how they are made, and the different types of colored diamonds.

What are colored diamonds, and how are they formed?

Colored diamonds are naturally occurring gemstones that have been enhanced by human intervention. They come in various colors, including pink, blue, yellow, and even black. The color is caused when trace elements are trapped inside the crystal lattice during its formation process.

Colored diamonds have been found in Brazil, South Africa, and Canada (among other places). These gemstones were formed millions of years ago when carbon atoms bonded together under pressure to form diamond crystals. It takes about 100 million years for a colored diamond to crystallize from liquid magma!

What are the different types of colored diamonds?

There are two main types: natural and synthetic.

Natural Colored Diamonds – these gems contain no trace elements which could alter their coloration; however, they may still be treated chemically or physically modified by heat treatments.

Synthetic Colored Diamonds – these stones were grown artificially using technology such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT).

What are the different types of cuts?

Colored diamonds can be cut in various ways to enhance their beauty. The most common shapes include round, princess, emerald, Asscher, and cushion. Additionally, many other fancy-shaped colored diamond cuts, such as oval pear marquise heart.

Which type is best for an engagement ring setting?

This depends on your taste! Some people prefer classic solitaire settings, while others like more elaborate ones that feature multiple stones in various colors.

Can you change a white diamond into another color using heat treatment?

Yes! By exposing them at temperatures above 900 degrees Celsius (1650 Fahrenheit) for up to one hour, you can change their color from clear/white to yellowish-brown or pinkish-orange.

How much do colored diamonds cost?

The price depends on many factors, including size, clarity cut, and weight, but typically they are between USD 20,000-$100k per carat depending on quality. The history of colored diamonds: Natural colored diamonds have been found in Brazil, South Africa Canada, among other places. These gems were formed millions of years ago when carbon atoms bonded together under pressure.

What are the things to consider while buying color diamonds?

Purchasing colored diamonds is much like buying a regular diamond. The things to consider are similar but save a few exceptions.

– Type of diamond (natural or synthetic): The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a colored diamond is its type. There are natural and synthetic colored diamonds. The former is mined from the earth, while the latter is man-made in a laboratory.

– Origin: Like regular diamonds, colored diamonds come with a certificate of origin that tells you where it was mined. It’s important to know this because some origins are more credible than others. For example, conflict diamonds (mined in war zones) are often smuggled into the market and sold at high prices without proper certification. So make sure to ask for the diamond’s origin before making your purchase.

– Certification: Colored diamonds are graded on the same scale as white diamonds by organizations such as GIA, IGI, and HRD. The grading considers factors such as color intensity, hue, and saturation. Make sure to ask for the diamond’s grading report to understand its quality fully.

– Cut: Like white diamonds, colored diamonds come in various cuts that affect their appearance and value. The most popular shapes are round, princess, emerald, Asscher, and cushion. However, there are many other fancy-shaped cuts available as well.

– Price: The price of a colored diamond depends on its size, clarity, cut, and weight. But typically, they range from USD 20,000-$100k per carat, depending on quality. So it’s essential to do your research before making a purchase. This will also give you an idea of what your budget can afford.

Before any purchase, it’s essential to figure out your budget. So make sure you do your preliminary research before deciding on even purchasing a color diamond. The color of the diamond is also essential to consider when purchasing colored diamonds. You don’t want one with too much saturation or not enough because it may look unnatural and detract from its beauty. It’s essential that you choose a color within your budget, so make sure you research before making any decisions!

Colored diamonds are a beautiful and unique alternative to regular diamonds. They come in various colors and cuts, making them perfect for any jewelry setting. And because they’re graded on the same scale as white diamonds, it’s easy to understand their quality and price. So if you’re looking for something different, consider purchasing a colored diamond!