Pcb manufacturers invented some major yet detailed techniques of pcb manufacturing that are divided in terms of basic to most complex one. Some of the major techniques mentioned and explained by expert pcb manufacturer include Through-hole technology and Surface-mount technology


Explained by an expert pcb manufacturer, the basic or the very first printed circuit boards were crafted in way to use through-hole technology. This basic technology in the world of pcb manufacturing worked by mounting electronic components via leads. These leads were inserted with the help of holes from one side of the printed circuit board whereas on the other side, they were soldered onto the traces of copper.

According to pcb manufacturer, the printed circuit boards are of two types:

The first one is single-sided accompanied by an un-plated component side.

The second type is a compact double-sided printed circuit board with the component soldered on the both sided of the board.

The step wise technology behind the through-hole method in pcb manufacturing is explained below:

For installing the through-hole parts horizontally along with two axial leads (can be capacitors, resistors, and diodes) the installation is carried out by bending the leads at an angle of 90 degree (in exact same direction). 

A pcb manufacturer inserts the part in the board exactly following the above-mentioned step or most commonly, the leads that are bending gets located on the backside of the printed circuit board in completely opposite directions. This is done in order to improve the mechanical strength of the part.

The pcb manufacturing is then followed by soldering the leads. This can be done with the help of a wave soldering machine or manually.

Next, the pcb manufacturer trim off the ends.


This is the second characteristic pcb solutions manufacturing technology that came into being in the 1960s. This technology start gaining popularity in the early 1980s and by mid-1990s, it was being used widely by pcb manufacturer groups.

The basic steps and characters of Surface mount technology summarized below:

The components of printed circuit boards were redesigned in order to have small end caps or metal tabs.

These metal tabs were easily soldered directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards by pcb manufacturer.

The technology replaced the passage of wire leads through the holes 

The surface mount technology brought a change in the world of pcb manufacturing by converting the components size into smaller and their placement on both sides of the printed circuit boards more common as compared to the above-mentioned technology.

This technology allowed the pcb manufacturer to create much smaller printed circuit boards assemblies that are accompanied by notably higher circuit densities.

Surface mounting brought a higher degree of automation in the world of pcb manufacturing by reducing labor cost and increasing the rate of production.

The components that underwent surface mount technology are one-quarter to one-tenth of the size as well as weight as compared to the through-hole technology. 

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