The Top Reason for the Popularity of PUBG Games


A game that has definitely taken the entire global gaming community by storm is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. “PUBG,” as it is better known, is a well-built, multiplayer, Battle Royale game. It has stellar graphics and sound effects, which has propelled this game towards a mammoth user base of millions of people worldwide. You can even find a vast number of non-gamers playing the game online, for some entertainment or out of sheer curiosity as to why it is so immensely popular. 


  • Excitement – One of the main reasons PUBG is so popular is the exhilarating experience you get when you play the game. The game is designed in a way that will get your adrenaline pumping. It is a fast-paced, first-person shooter game that holds the suspense of every player in the game till there is only one person alive from an original pool of 100.  


  • Game Features – There are a wide variety of features, which make PUBG very engaging. Like, you can add your friends on your PUBG profile, you can form squads with people, you turn on mic and speaker and talk to your teammates and formulate strategies, etc. There is a surprisingly high amount of such interesting features, which is bound to leave a lasting impression on any player.
  • Cheap yet well-built – All the versions of PUBG like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite PC, etc. are all basically free to play. Even though the game gives you the option to add money and buy several goodies in the game, you can play without even spending a cent. But credit to the developers, that despite this fact, they ensured that the game has some of the best graphics and sound effects presently available. 

PUBG’s attention to detail has won over so many gamers worldwide and given birth to so many die-hard fans. It has become so huge that it caught Microsoft’s eye, who have bought stakes in the game and plan to release it in Xbox One X in the near future.