The Role of Automation in Achieving Satisfaction and Communication Between Customers and Suppliers

Let’s start with a bit of fact- only 9% of the customers believe in waiting for a minute to get connected with customer care is exemplary. Yes, only 9% of all your customers and this percentage is decreasing each day. Conversations with a support staff always tend to stretch and draw out. Also, it can be a lot frustrating when the issues which the customer is going through are trivial in nature. 

But what if your customers are able to find the information on their own, without getting connected to any support staff? What if the issues of your customers are solved in real-time, as they perform some clicks on your website? The automation of customer service can give you the horsepower that you need to run your business efficiently and improve your customer service drastically. 

What Is Automation In Customer Service?

Sales start with communication, and automation is well known for making the first move. Automated customer service is said to be any task that is performed by AI and doesn’t require human interference from the business end. 85% of online users have chatted with the AI chatbot, which is being deployed by website developers to help customers get instant answers to their queries. If you look at the numbers, with the assistance of automation, there’s a 30% reduction in customer service cost. At the same time, automation is able to raise the customer satisfaction percentage to 39%. 

As a result, the queue which forms by your customer will be cut short and you as a business owner you don’t have to worry about the poor conversation by your support staff. Yes, customer care will be missing the human touch, but a person who is going through an issue doesn’t require a human touch, they are desperately looking for a solution and that can be delivered by automation within seconds. 

Automated Customer Service Example 

1) Google Search Results 

Well, the Internet is Google’s world, and we are just passing our time in it. Google uses both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to give you suggestions when you search for a query on its search engine. Also, sometimes, even Google doesn’t have the answer. In that case, it provides you with an alternative to your query. That too comes from the use of automation, and there’s no person sitting in the Google headquarters typing in suggestions for you. 

2) Amazon Product Email And Messages 

When you buy something from Amazon, you get an email from Amazon regarding your purchase. In the mail, you get a confirmation that your purchase has been initiated successfully. Also, you get the message on your registered phone number for the same. At each step of the product delivery, you are getting mail and message notification. These messages are not annoying as we have experienced. These notifications make users at ease and provide them with information about at which point their package is and how much time it is going to take to get it delivered to you. 

Benefits Of Automating Customer Support

Given below, we have underlined some of the advantages of using automation and how its implementation can be helpful for a business. 

Initiate The Conversation

With the help of automation, you will be the first one to initiate the conversation, not your customers. There are specific actions that a customer takes for you to decide if they need your assistance or not. For example, there’s a user who is searching for a shoe on your website, but his size is sold out in most of your shoe lineup. So your chatbot can provide them with the shoe which easily fits them and matches their style which they are looking for. The thing is anticipating the need of your customer will pay its dividend later as it builds a stronger customer relationship. 

Customer Retention

A happy customer is always coming back to find more products which they are looking for on the internet. A business can end up paying five times more to find a new customer in a market to make the same sale. According to the research done by Investopedia, Automation can help businesses like e-commerce to keep their customers happy and convert them into repeat customers. It could be a deal-breaker when you are aiming to reach a greater audience. Cause a satisfied customer will work as publicity without any payment. 


After reading all this information about automation in customer communication, you might have found a place for automation in your business too, and how it can be helpful to you in its own way. Choose the best automation process provider for your business and dive into the world of automation, which saves your time.