The Proper Way To Do A Social Media Audit

A lot of CEOs believe that social media marketing is just that but to fully utilize the potential of social media, companies must exhaust all possible techniques they can to make sure that marketing campaigns are effective. Beyond creating reports, analytics, and others, companies should also consider making a social media audit.

In essence, a social media audit is basically a marketing health and wellness check-up. Through this activity, companies can see how effective their social media marketing campaigns are. It is useful as brands will be able to gain insights on how their brand stands on various key aspects.

Marketers shouldn’t be mistaken though, a social media audit is different from a standard audit. As such, they should take the time and effort to learn how to do it properly. While each marketer has his own way to audit, they should at least follow these steps to make sure that it will be as successful as possible.

Create A Schedule

One of the biggest mistakes that a marketer makes is when they don’t have a scheduled audit to rely on. They will only audit when the need arises and this is a big no-no as if there are negative results, it might be too late to fix the issues. The best way to audit is to create a schedule for it. Audits don’t have to happen regularly. Bi-annual reports are recommended too.

Determine The Important Values

The truth of the matter is that while all analytics numbers have value to them, not all of the data are crucial enough to be added to the report. Before a marketer starts with the audit, he must make sure to pinpoint what the rest of the team wants to see. That way, he can make more concise reports minus all of the fluff that isn’t necessary.

Use The Right Data

One of the ways to make a social media audit is by making sure that the source data is accurate. To do this, marketers will need to make use of social media analytics tools such as the one provided by NetBase. By laying a good foundation for the audit, the reports will be more concise and effective.

What makes the data by NetBase a great foundation for an audit is that it goes beyond what we see on social media platforms. Using revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technology, NetBase’s platform, marketers can quickly see not just the actions made by social media accounts, but also a glimpse of the emotions behind them.

Make Use Of Visual Audit Aids

One of the reasons why people don’t like hearing about an audit is that they hate the numbers behind them. To keep the audience interested in the audit, marketers must make use of visual tools such as graphs and charts. This will not only make the audience more interested in the report, but it will also make the audit more concise.

Make Use Of Third-Party Help

As we’ve said before, marketers should exhaust all of the possible sources they can to ensure the effectivity of a marketing campaign. That being said, not everyone is expected to be great at auditing work and there are certain people that are more used to it more than anyone else. Marketers should not feel ashamed to get help with auditing as there are specialists that do so anyway.

Social media audits will do wonders for the campaign of a company as through these reports, the entire team is able to get a grasp of what is truly needed to make the campaign effective. By using such techniques and methodologies, companies are able to stand out even better among the competition.