The perfect Choice of Co Working Spaces in Bangalore Now

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The rational use of available environments and resources is increasingly valued in our society, especially at a time when topics such as sustainability are in vogue around the globe. So if you don’t want to be out of touch with reality, knowing the concept of coworking space can be very important. Choosing the Top 10 Co-working Space in Bangalore comes essential here now.

This is a trend that is impacting the market in several segments, because, in addition to its harmony with the concern for the environment, it also provides many other advantages in terms of economy and even productivity. Read on and find out more about this topic!

What is coworking?

This term comes from English and means something like “workplace sharing”. This is precisely what the concept preaches: that several people or even companies share a specific space, at the same time or not, to perform their services, even without having an official link with the place.

The logic of this solution is that by dividing the infrastructure, you split costs and avoid downtime in this environment, which increases productivity. Any venture, therefore, is more likely to thrive if it can split rent, condo fee, and even secretarial and housekeeping charges.

What is co – living?

If you liked the concept of coworking, be aware that a catching fashion is now modernizing and even sharing housing! Co – living also preaches the idea of ​​sharing spaces, with the proposal of a house or an apartment being divided at the same time by different people.

Generally, residents have their single room, but common areas are shared, as are expenses and, eventually, household chores. In some cases, this model may offer some included services such as laundry, cable television, minor repairs, cleaning, and internet provider and so on.

How did these concepts begin?

Although coworking and co – living are quite common concepts out there, they are still beginning to become popular in India, especially in large urban centres, where commercial and residential property rental prices tend to be higher. The tendency, therefore, is that they gain more and more space.

The beginning of co – living dates back to the 1970s in Denmark, when the first project of its kind came under the name of cohousing and with 35 families sharing living spaces. Coworking comes from the US in mid-2005.

What are the advantages of coworking and co – living?

Cost reduction

You can’t talk about the main advantages of coworking or co – living, not to mention cost savings. This is one of the great benefits and, for many people and businesses, the main reason for investing in this type of sharing, especially on days as competitive and dynamic as we are today.

In India, with so many charges and taxes, any business gains a competitive advantage by reducing its spending. This becomes even more relevant if you consider that some services end up being completely outsourced in this way, such as cleaning, maintenance, and even receptionists.