The One Subject Every Child Should Be Learning Now

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Develop a computer game in the classroom? Experimenting with a robot after school? Every student should have an introduction to computer science and coding, say experts. Technology is the future, and to prepare, kids just beginning school should have the opportunity to understand how the tech field works. In fact, coding increases their skillset, like solving problems, logic, and creativity. By starting young, students can realize that computing is fun and creative. 

Preparing For A Technological Future 

For years, educators issued warnings that children were not provided enough computer science knowledge for our future digital world. Now, opportunities atplaces like Champions Academy coding classes for kids are making a digital impact, while boosting reasoning and cognitive abilities. And educators say they can see the difference in the classroom. 

Why put so much emphasis on programming? It’s not just engineers and computer scientists who need digital skills in their job, say experts. Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, dancer or musician – digital skills are needed everywhere, and all sectors will change in the future. But more importantly, coding helps children in a range of ways. 

Researchers say computer science improves executive functions. This refers to the cognitive control mechanisms needed to focus and think. The most important mechanisms are mental adaptability, self-control, and working memory. Also, the ability to solve problems, to plan ahead and logical thinking. If these skills are not well developed, it can be hard to be successful at work. 

Cognitive Stimulation And Developing Young Minds 

The development of children’s cognitive abilities is crucial for improving learning and academic achievement in childhood and adolescence. Experts say coding helps activate and enhance a kid’s basic mental abilities. It’s a form of brain training that boosts learning processes. Experts explain that during childhood and adolescence, the brain is particularly plastic, which means that it has a great ability to adapt to the demands of the environment. Computer sciences facilitate learning and make children very accessible to cognitive stimulation. 

Also, because of this characteristic of the brain of children and adolescents, it is important to begin young, which helps train the brain as they grow. Moreover, studies confirm that children learn more easily, thanks to some synapses that are activated when the brain is at rest. Young people have less learning difficulties because they have a different way of storing information, thus it’s better to stimulate young minds as early as possible. 

Even Disadvantaged Youth Should Learn To Program 

Educators say this initiative towards coding for our youth should also include underrepresented groups like girls, indigenous communities and disadvantaged youth. To meet this demand, many states are distributing millions of dollars into various projects, with success. Parents are taking the initiative to enroll children in coding courses, which will inevitably, say experts, boosts math and science scores. 

A Look Towards A Prosperous Future 

So, what’s the big deal about coding? Students and college graduates that study computer science and new technologies are hired quicker more than any group. Because the IT market is growing faster than almost any other industry, the need for technology majors steadily increase. For years, people have talked about digitization and how it is changing companies, but are we truly preparing students for this digital revolution? 

Nowadays, not only large software or hardware companies need developers and programmers for new technologies, but just about every sector has those needs. Unfortunately, a large majority is not ready to meet these demands. But this is all the more reason to start programming at such a young age.