The most important science fiction films

Aliens, replicas, robots, dinosaurs, anthropoids, and many other weird beings have appeared on the film industry, haunting the dreams of humanity with scientific nightmares.Science fiction is also inexhaustible, but also one of the most popular types of cinema, which, moreover, seemed to discover it from very early ages.

At the time when the Limers brothers made the first simple film clips in 1895, with scenes from their everyday routine, juggler Zorz Melies laid down the new medium with his “Travel to the Moon” (1902), his first clearly cinematic creation which was based on the fantastic world.

A list of the the best science fiction films of all time is necessarily risky and doomed to fail as the “best” is a matter of preferences and taste. Although for the history of cinema the following films have a particular significance, both for their influence on the cinematographic territory and for their deification by the world. So, here are the films of scientific fantasy worshiped by critics and audience.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park  was one of the first films to make such an impressive use of digital effects! The sense of awe and admiration provided by the dinosaurs of “much” Spielberg is hardly surpassed, in a film that has made it to leave us astonished. And of course it has a message for everyone: Do not play with God or Nature..

Back to the Future

This family film of science fiction of 1985 dealt with comedies with one of humankind’s humorous dreams: travelling in time. And of course, it introduced us the only car-time machine Delorean into the human territory! It has never been so fun and carefree to travel in time like Marty McFly and Doc Brown and we really loved them.

The Matrix

They have often called it as the “Star Wars of this generation” and they are probably right! The 1999 film even managed to steal the glory of Lucas’s new adventure that was released that same year. Matrix not only pulled all the looks of the fanatics of the genre, but also opened a universe we had never seen before, that is, a science fiction copied with more general philosophical and existential questions. What is reality? Is our world a simple illusion? What is the role of the manufacturing robots? Matrix is just a legendary trilogy in the history of cineme

Star Wars

Speaking in terms of pure science fiction and adventure, a few films can really reach the wonderful “Star Wars”, which is a category on its own! The first “Star Wars” of 1977 which was later renamed “Star Wars – Episode IV: A New Hope” introduced u with the space-savvy Darth Vader, one of the most recognizable cinematic evil figures of all time! What George Lucas did is not easy: He managed to give us a pure and crystal clear cinema experience of entertaining cinema! What else to ask for?

Blade Runner

The Blade Runner of 1982 was asked to answer to inexorable questions: how will our scientific future be when we have become gods when artificial intelligence generalizes and prevails? And will they be the robots, the replicas, as humans, or will they take on the role of the new slaves and they will be created with an expiration date? One of the most unique films in world’s cinema industry..

Odyssey of Space

It was the year 1968 when brilliant Stanley Kubrick made the whole planet wonder about the future of humanity. Artistic triumph with tremendous resonance to the audience and the future of the cinematic genre, the “Odyssey of Space” remains unsurpassed, defining at the same time the utmost boundaries of science fiction. The film was worshiped by everyone, although everyone loved it for his own reasons. Technically innovative for its era and avant-garde in its theme, Kubrick’s visual artwork is considered today as the best advertising about what cinema can do at the level of science fiction.