The Long Await Ends Here: Cryptonity Token Sale on Crypto Advice


Cryptonity is a complete community-centric exchange platform. They care for their customers, and provide services that align the term truth and trust. The concept of Cryptonity is based on the aspiration that cryptocurrency exchange of the community, by the community, for the community; and something which is very similar to democracy so that signifies why you can trust it. Cryptonity has taken the responsibility to build a cryptocurrency exchange that is highly transparent, secured at diverse system. Operational and fund levels, speedy services gemmed with hardware accelerated and highly efficient memory emulating technology. The platform developed by them offers multi-currency support with fiat currencies as the USD $, EUR € and YUAN ¥. The most interesting feature of the users fund is that, it is secured by the aid of Hardware Wallet racks that are featured by the capability to handle 1 million transactions per second. That’s enormous!

Time for Get Set Go!

Cryptonity has again organised its token sale, which has been long awaited by its users, exclusively on the platform of CryptoAdvice. Crypto Advice is a blockchain trading as well as investment platform. The specifications of the tokens of the Cryptonity will be as follows:

  • Standard: ERD-223
  • Name: Cryptonity Exchange
  • Ticker: CNEX
  • Decimals: 8
  • Total Number of Tokens: 400MM

Cryptonity will be allocating the tokens as per the following criteria: 50% will be for sale, 25% for will be for the development of ecosystem and operations, 15% will be consumer protection fund and 10% for teams and founders. The tokens that have been allocated for the teams will be locked for 12 months. The token sale will be carried out in 5 phases. The quick peek-peep of it is as follows:


Phase 1 is characterised by the scope to purchase 100% QCX. The token sale will open the doors BTC from phase 2 onwards. Although the preferential aspect is that a person in order to activate a batch worth 100 Units can utilise 40% QCX and the remaining 60% BTC. However, it is not hard and fast rule. Any user, who does not have QCX, can make the complete payment by utilizing 100% BTC.

Among all this number and values and worth, it is essential to remember that the token sale will commence on 1st of June 2019 exactly at 9:30 am UTC. So, with each and every ticking of your watch get yourself ready to win the race and build asset as much as you can.