The Latest Seo Trends That Will Dominate In 2020

With the beginning of 2020, it’s worth looking at the changing trends in the SEO industry. Can new trends be expected in 2020? Will the current ones be maintained? More information on this topic can be found in the

Voice Search

First of all, in 2020 the voice search will be even more popular than in 2019, it will still be less visible than in the west, but it will show a growing trend. To increase the position and popularity of the page, it will be necessary to optimize the page for voice queries. Such optimization is a long-term strategy in which it is worth using phrases with a long tail.

Zero Click Searches i.e. queries without clicks

According to forecasts, the percentage of queries without clicks in 2020 should be quite large. Already in 2019, over 50% of all queries on Google are just such queries, and in 2020 there will be even more. In practice, users do not have to visit the site to get the answer to their question. Will this phenomenon somehow affect the positioning of sites in 2020? Not. It is worth remembering, however, that the content of the page should be properly adapted, and this can be done, for example, by implementing structured data. This can increase the visibility of the page.

Work on the image of a given company or brand in social media

Paid ads have been around for a long time on social media. The change, which is about social media, will relate to the disappearance of organic traffic. Despite advertising, getting traffic through content will be increasingly difficult. In 2020, building links profiles as well as getting mentions about a given company and brand will be of great importance. Thanks to the tools used to monitor social media, it will be possible to track all mentions. Such action enables building and strengthening the mother, as well as gives a chance to establish and strengthen contact with clients.

BERT and intention

In 2019, BERT was introduced, i.e. the algorithm update, which is to be the most important immediately after the RankBrain update. The BERT update is expected to affect around 10% of queries. BERT’s task is also to better understand the keywords and phrases that make up the queries. Because the algorithm will analyze all words and give them new meanings, it will be possible to better tailor the answers. So Google users will be able to ask unique questions that will be answered quickly.

Also, factors such as:

  • minimum text length
  • placement of headers
  • other techniques and guidelines.

It is much more important to understand the intentions behind the specific phrases.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology will also have a major impact on the SEO industry in 2020. One of the assumptions of this technology is to guarantee secure transactions that are carried out by users. These include, but are not limited to, transactions between website owners and advertisers. Also, website owners will only pay for visits to the site that are made by real users, not bots.

What about EAT and YMYL(Your Money or Your Life)?

The trend maintained in 2020 will be the one related to EAT. Google will continue to put a lot of emphasis on YMYL. Both issues are related. All pages that do not show high quality and credibility of the content will not be able to get a high position on Google. Also, websites that deal with health, finance, nutrition, and similar topics must show special expertise. This includes, for example, verifying authors, presenting experts, etc. All websites with credibility and reputation issues as well as customer service will not gain trust.

The above factors give a full answer to the question: what affects positions in 2020? Trends will continue, but there will also be some additional changes. It is worth being up to date with them!

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