The Goods & Bads About WeatherBug App: See What Customers Have To Say!

WeatherBug app is an app that forecasts about weather conditions. It provides the complete details about the weather in the real time. You can get the information from different parts of the world. You access the details about wind direction & strength, temperature, pressure, and humidity.

The GPS shows your location. You get the alerts of the weather conditions about that respective region. This WeatherBug app is one of the useful weather apps. You can easily access the data and graphs of your location on the main screen of the application. You can find the summary of the weather at the bottom of the screen. It is an easy way to get the forecast for each day.


Main Features of the WeatherBug App

  • This app is recommended for the people who want to know weather conditions on a daily basis.
  • You can see the live weather from your local camera
  • You can visualize the weather of your area with the help of multiple maps.
  • Get the access of the severe weathers in the form of alerts.
  • It can be downloaded across tablets, desktop, Mac books and smart phones.
  • It is a free downloadable app.

The Good Things about WeatherBug App

  • This app gives information about the atmospheric pressure, and time of sunset & sunrise. You also get an update of the relative humidity in the air and wind speed.
  • It provides the effective and simple interface.
  • It provides an exact forecast.
  • The videos are high-quality
  • The feature of live weather is awesome.
  • You get the quick notifications in the case of dangerous weather conditions like thunderstorms.
  • It has the additional feature of lightning detection.
  • It has many helpful features like pollen counts and radar maps. These features can help you to track the weather patterns and to combat the allergies.
  • It provides you an additional feature of monitoring the battery. It turns off the weather updates in the case of low phone battery.
  • It takes the information of weather from weather stations, airports and schools.
  • The layout of the app is good. It is easy to

The Bad Things

  • The information does not get updated automatically.
  • Sometimes the technical problem comes while operating the app.
  • It comes with many advertisements.
  • The information is not organized systematically.
  • The hour by hour weather forecast is missing. It is required for planning any outdoor activity or adventurous trip.
  • Weather conditions of the specific time are missing. It does not give information about the exact condition of the clouds, wind, and temperature.
  • When you tap the back button on your smart phone, it closes down the app. Instead, it must go to the previous page.

Weather apps are one of the most utility daily apps. WeatherBug app is the best app that can be used across all platforms. It has many features that no other app has. There are some negative things that need to work on. The developers need to overcome the bad things to make it as the best weather app.