The Eye Rover

Our life is incomplete without cameras these days. We need it for capturing pictures as we travel to our favorite place, in the classroom or at work. We always look for handy cameras that capture good pictures. Not only good but a camera which captures each and every detail of the thing being pictured.

Kickstarter has yet again come up with this amazing accessory-The Eye Rover with the motto as “Never Lose Sight”. This would be a breathtaking invention in the tech world and for all the crazy camera lovers out there. It works with smartphones and other mobile devices. It is mainly built for inspection purposes.

Structure and Features

The Eye Rover is a wireless and waterproof inspection camera attached to a long, flexible and movable neck. You have to download the Eye Rover app on your device in order to operate it. It provides the users with 30 FPS live viewing which is huge and removes the unnecessary blur from shots. It has built-in rechargeable batteries and wifi capabilities.

Works with….

The item is great for taking close-ups of things or even yourself. It magnifies small items. It helps you see things which are ignored or are not visible to your sight. It helps to capture images of tight and narrow spaces.

Affordable replacement to Borescope Camera

We have seen in movies and documentaries where they have filmed and captured some of the narrowest places far away from our natural sight and vision. This is done by using a Borescope camera. Stop being worried and bring home The Eye Rover which is an affordable replacement to borescope and will not cost you much to capture the tiny of the tiniest things. This camera will take you to the next level of adventuring.

Why choose The Eye Rover?

Now with this accessory, you will be able to take shots which were considered impossible earlier. It helps you view confined and congested areas. It is convenient, handy and affordable. In short, it enables you to see what you could not see before. We know that smartphones we have today do not offer a camera which is all in all good. Some have low lighting. Few just have the ability to capture limited angles. They are not waterproof and do not provide much detailing of the scene being shot. It not only takes pictures but film videos as well.

Who should choose to use The Eye Rover?

It would provide beneficial services to doctors, photographers, filmmakers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, dentists, builders, children (in specifically those who focus on the details of a shot) and adults

The Eye Rover is a multi-purpose, innovative and versatile device which is beneficial in millions of ways. It is affordable and light on the pocket. You do not have to go and buy an expensive lens for your DSLRs now. Just choose to buy The Eye Rover. It guarantees DSLR quality clarity of the shot. Plus, it is lightweight and easy to carry.  You can take it where ever you want.

So what are you waiting for.. show your support to one of the biggest inventions of the 21st century.