The Complete Guide To QuickBooks Pro Pricing For Business Account Management

You know how important is the use of QuickBooks today. So if you are planning for such accounting softwares, then invest in one according to your business need and budget. Having a tight budget, especially when you have a startup, is good to buy a QuickBook with the basic plan.

Even QuickBook Pro Pricing is manageable for new companies. So need to wonder much; in this article, we will be talking about everything about QuickBooks Pro.

The QuickBooks Desktop Types:

Well, QuickBooks Desktop is categorized into three types. These are mentioned as follows:

  1. QuickBooks Pro/ QuickBooks Pro Plus: This is ideal for small businesses and startups that only holds 1-3 employees or users.
  2. QuickBooks Premier: Good for small to medium enterprises with 1-5 users or employees.
  3. QuickBooks Enterprise: For large businesses and companies, 1-30 employees or more users.

QuickBooks Desktop Pricing:

Precisely QuickBooks Desktop comes within three options in plans, so obviously, all types will vary in features and costs. Here we will be talking about QuickBooks Pro Pricing.

If buying single QuickBooks Pro, or even can go with QuickBooks Pro subscription known as QuickBooks Pro Plus or QuickBooks Pro Plus. Typically, QuickBooks Pro license cost $399 to $400, with all reliable accounting software features to manage your company data and files.

QuickBooks Pro Features:

QuickBooks Desktop Pro comes with entirely worth of features of what your QuickBooks service provider will charge. The specifications are as follows:

  • Managing company accounts with perfection.
  • Generate and estimate invoices.
  • Suitable for contact management and clients list.
  • Track expenses and keep journal entries record.
  • Payable and account management.
  • Trace inventory.
  • Time tracking and project reports.
  • Conduct budgeting and tax support.

QuickBooks Pro Pricing:

When it comes to QuickBooks Pro Pricing, you need to know the needs of your business priorly and then your budget. As each version and categorized type in QuickBooks comes with almost the same features with a bit of modification that make a massive price difference.

If you are looking for economical business accounting software, then QuickBooks Pro is the best choice. It even comes with annual upgrades to proceed with enterprise requirements.

Additional QuickBooks Pro Charges:

Apart from QuickBooks Pro Pricing, additional charges is another aspect you can need to know. The add on QuickBooks Pro fees are detailed below-

  1. QuickBooks Payroll: Generally, it comes with three payroll plans: Basic, Enhanced and Full Service. Even some QuickBooks service providers add other offers and benefits to it.
  1. Upgrades: User can easily customize their QuickBooks plans according to needs. They can opt for upgrade versions like the QuickBooks Pro Plus plan and more.
  1. Additional User Cost: This is indeed an add-on benefit that comes with QuickBooks Pro plans. Business with increased employees or users can go for it. The limit for user can exceed the total of three for QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Pro Plus.
  1. Customer Care Or Tech Support: QuickBooks service providers are always 24/7 ready to assist their customers. Typically purchasing a QuickBooks Pro license is worthless. Thus, you need to have Annual Tech Plan to get maximum customer care support to resolve any technical faults. Even installation and other free support are also provided.
  1. Automatic Data Backups and Updates: QuickBooks Pro additional charges add extra benefit for businesses to have automatic data backups.
  1. Cloud Based Hosting: QuickBooks Pro comes within the QuickBooks Desktop version. Thus restricted mobility and usability. With cloud hosting capabilities, you can remotely manage your business accounts.

Final Verdict:

QuickBooks are advance accounting software which provides business within their needs and budget features. When it comes to the right kind of QuickBooks, then it is suggested to invest in QuickBooks Pro plans for newbie companies and startups. Before making an investment in an automatic account management solution like QuickBooks, understand its reliability, credibility and scalability.