The Biggest Benefits of Laser Cutting

In metal fabrication, cutting is one of the most basic and popular processes used. Laser cutting is considered the go-to technology to handle certain jobs because of its benefits over the other methods used.

While this is true, there are a few downsides to know about, too. Keep reading to learn all about this cutting method, and consider using the information provided at, as well.


With laser cutting, there is no need to change the tools being used for each cut made. The same setup is ideal for cutting many different shapes with the same material thickness. Also, if cuts are more intricate, the laser can handle the job with ease.

Higher Levels of Precision

Accuracy is one of the biggest benefits offered by laser cutting compared to other types of thermal cutting methods. The cuts with a laser cutter have an accuracy of approximately 0.1 mm. This allows a much higher level of precision without the need for after treatment. Usually, this high of a standard means that there are no additional tolerances needed.

Ability to Repeat the Cut

When it comes to repeating a cut manually, there is a huge opportunity for errors. However, with a laser cutter, the cut is programmed into the computer, and the same cut can be repeated indefinitely. This provides a higher level of precision than any other cutting method used today.


Compared to other cutting methods, laser cutting is much faster than other mechanical cutting methods. This is especially true for more intricate cuts. When laser cutting is compared to different thermal cutting types, such as flame cutting or plasma cutting, the laser will beat the others in speed (up to a set thickness of 10 mm for most cutters). The specific advantage point will be determined by the laser cutter being used.


Today’s laser cutting machines are designed to work automatically. Experienced machine operators still play a huge role in the cut’s overall quality, but the speed of the cut and the minimal need for manual labor results in much lower costs compared to the other cutting methods that are commonly used. Some machines also have feeding systems and follow-up conveyor systems. However, it is important to note that purchasing a cutter with these features will increase the machine’s cost.


With the right setup, the laser cutters will only leave a very small burr. Usually, it will not even be necessary to remove it. However, this is dependent on the material being used, how thick it is, and several other factors. Also, there is a very small area affected by heat.

As anyone can see from the information here, laser cutters offer an array of appealing advantages. When it comes to cutting various materials, this is one of the best options to use. Being informed and knowing what is offered are the best ways to help ensure the desired results are achieved and that the cut is clean and seamless. Keep this in mind when choosing a cutting method.