The benefits of using an intranet software for your employees

An intranet can be described as a centralized portal to access internal and external resources. It’s a private, secure network for collaboration and communication that helps to increase productivity by making co-workers stay connected. It can also be used as a secure medium of storage and company-wide communication. Modern intranets can even host their social features like profile creation, publish and interact with content, likes, and interests, etc. Here are a few reasons why you should think about intranet even if you own a small business.

1. Cloud-Based Solution

One of the advantages of intranet software for small businesses is it can be easily hosted in one of the available cloud solutions. You can go from choosing one of the readily available solutions to the best intranet software with the collaboration of the cloud company. You have many options to choose from. A cloud-based intranet will have all the advantages of the cloud, like accessibility from any location, provision of on-the-go tools, resources, and information.

intranet software for small businesses

2. Advanced Security and Permission Settings

The Internet has its problems. A business can suffer heavily from threats like data breaches, malware, and ransomware. Protective security features are probably the most important reasons for choosing an intranet. The best intranet software for small businesses comes equipped with security features. Also, it allows the business to customize the security and sometimes even takes responsibility for the system security.

3. Improved Internal Communication

A smooth and secure communication channel among its workers is imperative for any business. When everyone can have a discussion, provide feedback, and collaborate in brainstorming in an intranet platform e.g., Agility, that can also provide the required discreetness if needed, it encourages individuals to innovate and empowers them to resolve a problem collectively and quickly.

4. Simplify Logging in Process

Passwords are now an integral part of our work lives. Each different access portal requires its password. And the more the number of passwords, the more the chance of them being compromised. Also, it is just a waste of productive time. An intranet-based software for small businesses like AgilityPortal can provide a single log-in window for all required portals. It helps you as a business owner to keep a safe password policy and manage user access to different contents easily.

5. User Management & Governance

Enterprise user governance is another area that can benefit hugely from intranet software in a business. The business can assign roles based on intranet profiles. It can also manage costs, access, work matrix, etc., based on intranet profiles. The classification of information will also become easy as certain information can be restricted from a certain group of users if needed.

6. Information and broadcast Management

The intranet in your company can act as your company’s digital library. The flow of knowledge is essential for any business to succeed as all businesses go through changes. Also, changes in policies, documentations, information can be communicated on the intranet.

AgilityPortal, with its team of expert intranet software consultants, offers an easy-to-use digital workplace. It not only helps you to implement it but also provides necessary guidance and best practices at any stage of the project.