Technology Impacting Our Day To Day Life

With the advancement of technology, access to smartphones, smart devices, apps have revolutionized the way of living and have made our lives easier. Technological advancements in all sectors have made our lives more comfortable and better. It has changed the way we pay our bills, order food, buy groceries, travel, communicate, personal security, etc.

Let’s look at all areas where technology has impacted our lives and day to day tasks.

Banking & Payments – Gone are the days when you had to personally visit the banks to make any payments. Today with the help of payment apps, payments can be made within seconds without even visiting a bank. Mobile personal security is protected with secured payment applications. You can make your payments with your smartphones.

Improving Healthcare – Today with the help of technology the healthcare sector is improving and doctors are finding it easier to monitor the health of their patients. There are a lot of healthcare apps that provide direct consultation. You can book appointments online with a doctor. Not just that with a single tap on the phone you can order your medicines prescribed by your doctor, share your medical reports, can book the lab tests, etc.

Online Shopping – As compared to traditional shopping, online shopping provides shoppers with convenience and time-saving benefits. Infact, shoppers get more options to compare the products and the price. Also, online stores don’t have to burden themselves with the huge setup cost for a physical store.

Grocery/Essentials Shopping – Being able to order online has saved so much time for shoppers instead of going to a store. Today Grocery shopping is just a click and swipe away. Online deliveries are becoming the fastest option for shoppers.

Safety Apps –  Keeping in mind the increased cases of sexual assault, there are a lot of safety apps developed to tackle this issue. UrSafe is one of the first hands-free voice-activated personal safety app that keeps you safe anywhere you go. It allows you to share the real-time live location with your friends and family so they can ensure you are reaching your destination safely and securely.

Online Learning  – Online learning is taking over the traditional classroom learning. Due to the recent advancements in technology, the e-learning industry is experiencing a revolution. With virtual reality, machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the learning process is becoming more interesting and evolving the learning experience. For example, AI can solve the problem more comprehensively as compared to classroom learning.

All the sectors are under the influence of technology now. Due to the evolution and advancement of technology, our day to day tasks are becoming more effective and efficient. There is no doubt that technology is advancing at a fast rate. And in the future, it will go uphill from here.