Sync your mobile device with public folders on Exchange 

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Since mobile devices became part and parcel of our lives, we’ve increasingly been looking for ways of better interoperability. There are not very many solutions available that seamlessly allow the sync of data between devices and other folders. This notwithstanding, the last couple of years has seen technology developments that have enhanced synchronization. 

One of the underlying factors has remained the need for an application that allows easy synchronization between mobile devices, desktop PC, and even cloud computing options. Microsoft Exchange has played this role effortlessly, although it still has limited operability. How do you synchronize your mobile device with public folders on Exchange?

Third-Party App Is Your best Bargain

Since there is no direct way to link public folders on Microsoft Exchange, a third-party Application is your best bet. Luckily, there are lots of solutions tailored to meet this need for both Android and IOS. The daunting task remains to select an application that gives you exactly what you are looking for or at least settles your needs when performing sync GAL to Android or any other OS. While most of the available applications promise to deliver an exclusive package, it’s advisable to test the application you believe carries the features you want. Consider the following factors when choosing an app:

 Security: Be careful where and how you pick your third-party software. Make sure it’s from a verified vendor and free of malware. You need to protect both your public folders and private contacts

 Performance: Not all apps perform the same. Some will slow down the performance of your devices while others will simply interfere with other operations. Test how well your preferred third-party App interacts with others in your device.

Interoperability:  The basic reason why you are aiming to install a third-party app is to have a seamless connection between public folders and Microsoft Exchange. Some Apps will simply give you limited operational options. Make sure your chosen Application is capable of seamlessly storing and retrieving data while working with Exchange without a hitch.

Scalability: A good application should give you the ability to adjust especially when you need to add or remove some features. Companies and individuals may change addresses from time to time and you want this reflected in your folders. This also happens to dates, events, and occurrences. While looking for an App to allow you to sync your public folder, be very keen on scalability. This should be a futuristic approach.

In-House Solutions: Code your own solution

Every organization has specific needs that it aims at addressing. Indisputably, customized solutions work better because they are made to meet specific needs.

You can use this approach to craft solutions that help you sync public folders to Exchange with ease. This kind of process demands a clear understanding of the needs of the organization and the importance of the process. It’s an investment that should have better results but more so be focused on the future. In this regard, it has to be economically viable and technically possible to achieve.

Stick to a solution that serves you best

Trying to incorporate several solutions and have them work all at once is likely to mess up your contact list. At the beginning, you will have challenges settling on the most efficient system. However, once you find what really works, it’s advisable to stick to it to avoid messing up your system.

Collecting business contacts is an endless task that organizations have to undertake at all times. With this in mind, it becomes prudent to work out a system that helps you to work with your current needs and that of the future.

The Microsoft Exchange platform can be complex and needs a little bit of technical understanding. If not handled appropriately, it could mess up a lot of important data. One way of overcoming this challenge is ensuring that you have a solution that you understand best and makes your work easier.

Keep Updating

In the world of technology, nothing remains static for long. From time to time, changes must happen and this should also be reflected in the way you handle essential data.

Keep updating your contacts, which means removing those that are no longer in use as well as adding up newly collected information. This will ensure that you have a useful database for your business needs. Importantly, ensure that the safety of such data is absolutely guaranteed.


We can find various ways of 

overcoming sync challenges for mobile devices. However, it requires a bit of creativity because there is no single solution that is suitable for all. People and organizations have to search around for the most befitting, depending on their circumstances. A fundamental consideration should be the careful handling of data. This includes ensuring that data is sourced, stored, and used within the legal boundaries.