Monday 19 November 2018
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SWAGTRON – A quick review

Inspired by Discover Devices, we bring you the Swagtron board’s quick review. After hover boards, the most interesting, intriguing and best electric longboard introduced by the company is Swagboard.

An electrical longboard which is cheaper than high priced hoverboards but still a fantastic choice for a younger audience.

This electric skateboard is an upgraded design, more advanced and better than the previous version.

The best upgrade this electric skateboard received is that it has more advanced hardware and it is the most durable swag board that is yet made.

So what makes any electronic product desirable?

That it has a battery management system. This swagboard has an advanced battery management system that offers greater energy efficiency, making it one of the best skateboards. Moreover, its 24V Ll-On FE battery allows boosted board to go up to 11 MPH and up to 10 miles on a single charge.

What can make an electric skateboard even more appealing? Of course, a wireless LED remote. This off road electric skateboard is controlled by a LED remote, which controls its speed, brakes and cruise controls.

On top of that, it also shows speed and battery status that simply makes it the best skateboard for young spirited skaters.What could be better when the board offers to give you precision control, allowing nor sudden or abrupt but nice and gradual acceleration with steady and smooth brakes that nicely keep your balance on the board making you look like a pro even though you might not be?

Along with that, this off road skateboard is lightweight with patented Sentry Shield Design, so you don’t ever have to worry about anything since Sentry Shield technology is made to provide extra battery protection that exceeds all the safety measurements.

As for utmost sustainability, it’s loaded with a motorized wheel. Smooth skating, happy skaters. Also skillfully equipped with designated grips for convenient carrying. In a place where you can’t or fear you’ll get hurt on the electric longboard? Hop off and just hold it in your hands, its pretty light anyway.

After so much what more can it offer? Well, it gives you flexibility.

Only the best electric longboard designed to be less rigid and more comfortable that allows the smoothest ride.

Now for the cherry at the top. This electric skateboard is also equipped with 7-PLY Canadian maple, crafted to increase stabilization and comfort while offering long-lasting durability. You can just ride into the future with this best electric longboard.

It is high powered designed to give you thrill you won’t be able to find anywhere else because, with this electric skateboard, you just need to step on, hit the throttle, and ride off with swag.

SWAGTRON, offering the best skateboard there is, is also committed to safety. The boosted electric skateboard takes skateboarding to the max. Whether you’re shredding boardwalks or crushing skate parks, this electric skateboard is all you’ll ever need.

After all, this said one wonders, “Does it need charging?” Yes it does, but the best thing is; it charges fully after just three hours.

But how long is the board? The only and best electric longboard is 32 x 9 x 4.5 in inches and weighs about 14.4 ounces.

Although it may be a bit complex and advanced for really young kids, but it’s the best skateboard option for teenagers and adults, not that kids can’t ride it but it might take a little more effort as compared to the elders but since kids learn fast; why not let them give it a try too?

This board has so many advanced features that giving up on it would be too disappointing. It’s one of the best skateboards, especially if you’re looking for the best electric longboards. It is a must buy for gadget lovers.