Steps to Competitive Open Source Crowdfunding before the launch

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When you are planning to set up an open source crowdfunding software, then you have to plan a few strategies or activities before the launch. Some of these activities are given below, take a look – 

  1. Involvement of your community

Open source is made to fund collaborative communities as this is how open source is constructed. Hence, it is important that your major contributors radiate the feeling as if it’s theirs. Because, it naturally is!

Have a discussion with your community to make the people know what their expectations should be and provide them an opportunity to share their ideas about raising funds. If contributors get a sense of co-ownership with your idea, they will be your first donors.

Pro tip: Get open collective notifications so that your participants can witness when you have received donations and get motivated to pay.

  1. Have a clear mission

Sit down and calculate why your project exists and what will it offer to the world! Can you explain your vision and mission to your contributors? Can you do that in one sentence?

Your website explains what you are going to do with the funds, your aims and roadmap. The better you explain your views; the more people will come for your support. It is okay not to be a marketing professional. You have to be clear and precise in your vision.

  1. Be ready with your champions

Early momentum is crucial for crowdfunding. People donate in ideas which other people are supporting because they like to see the collective impact. Hence, you should speak to your potential funders before the launching of your sit and ask them for donation on the first day of the launch.

Ask the mobile app development company to design the collective page similar to your community keeping your project persona and branding in mind. Ask them to make the site a welcoming place.

Pro tip: You should get the collective page customized. Once signed in, you can move over the page to edit it as per your preference.

  1. Machine driven functionality

Give your open source crowdfunding software the ability to earn crowdfunding projects on the basis of your project idea, website appeal and better UI. Look out for the data to see the overall probability of your project to get funded within a particular period of time.

Pro Tip: Another amazing way to enhance your crowdfunding website and its donation is by implementing an AI driven chatbox. It will make the contributors get answer to all their queries related to your website and investment opportunities so that they don’t have any doubt in their mind.

Lastly, it is suggested that you should hire a professional and reputed mobile app development company to design and develop the software for you. It will help you avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes which a novice software developer can make. It will also help you get enriched with the ideas which will help it succeed. So, hire a reliable and established company for this purpose.