Staying At Home Due To Corona? Time to Dust Your Board Games Skills

Self isolation is the best solution to stay away and fight Coronavirus. Many young and health conscious people think that they are unlikely to get affected by this virus or die from it. However, the medical experts claim that it can affect anyone, be it young, old, healthy or sick.

Statistics show that older people and infants have high fatality rate. The risk of dying for those in their 80s is more than for the ones in 50s. All those who have mild symptoms or exhibit no signs of Coronavirus could be a threat to others in the society. They still can spread it to people who could be at risk.

We all know that Coronavirus has no treatment or vaccine, and thus maintaining social distance is one way to slow down the pandemic. Some of the worst hit countries are China, Iran, Italy, France, Spain, South Korea and many more. Work places are closed and self isolation is forced on people in all the cities across the world.

Spending time in isolation at home is new to all of us. However, there are a couple of activities that can keep you occupied and entertain. Here are some of the ideas to keep your self busy while at home:

Get creative

You can be creative and try the things, which you always wanted to, be it painting, singing, dancing or any other thing.

Watch movies

This is the best time to watch all the movies that you missed out due to long working hours and busy weekends.

Learn new skills

Whether you wanted to upgrade your work skills or personal, self isolation gives you all the time to do so. You can not only opt for online course, but also research and study about the things that interest you and try them out at home.

Unlock your board games

If you are a family or a couple, who is going through complete lockdown or self isolation during Coronavirus pandemic, then dust off all your board games now. You need them the most. Out of all the board games, the most popular and knowledgeable one for you as well as your kids is scrabble.

Rules to play Scrabble

Scrabble is played across the world in many different forms. However, other board games have been the favorite of many. What if you were to get some help while playing the word games without taking any efforts!!??

Unscrambler is a good website where you could unscramble multiple words, which you can spell without spending too much time and efforts. Most of the word games are going to be a cake walk using this online unscrambler site.

How Unscrambler Works?

There is a list of words that you can select and know different words from those combinations. All you need to do it visit their website,, and search for the word that you want to unscramble. It is as easy as that. Playing scrabble with a pro is no more challenging and boring. Besides, this tool also helps you in improving your vocabulary as well as reinforces your memory.