Stages to Begin A Digital Transformation Strategy

IIoT is a platform for optimizing the Big Data processes or predictive maintenance for improving the control and production processes. IIoT is one of the major contributor for the next generation of sustainable and eco-friendly energy efficient environments. Most of the organizations nowadays are considering to create their own energy through developing micro and Nano grids of offset energy costs in order to have less dependency on their utility providers. The micro-grids are localized power units which used several generation sources, such as solar, wind, CHP and battery storage to increase and mix energy generation. For these organizations, IIoT allows to rise up and down the sources of energy generations for gaining maximum efficiency based on the time of day or which source is the most effective.  The five steps to advance your digital revolution strategy includes:

  • Generate a strong digital approach with managerial leadership support
  • Recognize the approach’s end point, then generate a timeline working backward
  • Comprehend the business culture which can drive the revolution
  • Efficiently communicate the approach and ensure everybody knows their part
  • Recognize that technology is only a part of the general plan

Industries Who Can Position Themselves for Wins

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Cloud Platforms

With the arrival of smart technologies there is a need for more data capacity in order to run things properly. Companies are now turning towards cloud platform which are capable of handling huge data set in order to support vast infrastructures. For businesses which are cloud based, they seek to gain new clients, their strength will be being capable to showcase how easily it is to increase storage when needed and how their services are valuable. The main wining differentiator will be:

  • Future proof technology
  • Proved cyber security capabilities
  • Easily extended storing capacity

Data Analytics

Nowadays companies are offering improved data and business efficiencies thus making it into the market. Marketers are pitching everything from improved programs and integration tools for assisting analysis. The issues which arise here while data lead decision making is not always disturbed or made actionable. The same goes for manufacturing businesses, with IIoT comes an onslaught of information which when channelled can generate huge wins. The main wining differentiators are:

  • Graphic dashboards which can easily show data and also interpret it for the user
  • Flexible technology which learns and develops (artificial intelligence)
  • Simulation capability to illustrate how a process modification could affect performance

IoT is now a part of the world’s language and IIoT, while rising fast, is still in the early phase of its life cycle. IIoT has got tons of potential to make manufacturing much smoother and work with best efficiency. IIoT technology consultants nowadays have a deep knowledge of technologies and solutions. Myriad of businesses are starting to discover IIoT and the potentials which are linked with this innovative step in technology. All you need to do is to connect with one of best IIoT technology consultant today to avail free consultation on how you can convert your manufacturing process and save cost.