Do you have a recreational vehicle that tends to sit around, not being used? Many people tend to have vehicles like this taking up space in their garage or a parking spot. What most don’t realize though, is that the same vehicle that hasn’t been used in a while can be a great extra source of income for them.

Solofon is an all new smartphone app that allows users to share their recreational vehicles online to people that would like to rent them out. All kinds of vehicles are included in this, RV’s, boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and much more. Solofon is a new and innovative app meant for making the process of renting out vehicles from other people a much more easier experience, and for people with these vehicles to make a bit of extra cash.

In recent years it’s been quite known that renting homes for vacations has become popular. There’s apps that allow people to list rooms in their home or even their whole home for people to rent out. People seem to love this, and Solofon is an app that allows owners of recreational vehicles to do the same thing. Solofon is a global sharing system that can let you rent out vehicles while they aren’t in use, so you can rent it out from anywhere in the world.

What makes Solofon a great app to rent out your vehicle on is the fact that it’s so simple and easy to use. You set a price for how much you’d like to rent out your vehicle for, specify all the little details, post it, and then it’s good for anyone to see. People interested can contact you and let you know what days they need it for, and then they can book it. It’s just that easy.

The people renting will come and pick up the vehicle, making the transaction swift and easy since all the money is handled online. Once they return your vehicle, you can rate your experience with them, letting other people renting out vehicles know if they were careful with your vehicle or not.

Solofon is an innovative way to have some extra income on the side with virtually no work having to be done on your end. It’s a great way to make a bit of space in your garage, and also to make a bit of extra cash.

The team behind Solofon is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to get the app up in running within the next few months. They have quite a few awesome rewards as well. If you make a pledge, you’ll earn almost double in credit for Solofon. This is awesome for people who intend to rent vehicles on the app, seeing as you can basically rent it for free. If you’re interested check out the Solofon Kickstarter page here. Consider making a pledge to help contribute to the development of this app.