Custom software development in brief

 To define what software is; it is a collection of programs for the cause of development of different software’s. Similarly custom software is essentially developed for the root cause of some specific group of a company or an organization or for other user. It is also known as bespoke software and in short predominantly tailor-made software. It is on further contrasted with the utilization of different software packages that are developed for a means of mass market; let’s say it as COTS software (commercial off the shelf software).

Velvetech LLC custom software development is one of the enterprise those who facilitates the designing huge number of software applications by a particular user or a number of users within the group or an organization. Designing software in order to address the specific needs for developing software precisely is essentially widespread off-the-shelf software.

Velvetech LLC custom software development will allow their programmers to work with the live users in order to design software, develop it and analyze it perfectly before proceeding for an implementation objective depending upon the company targets and achievements or goals.

The advantages of CSD (custom software development):

  • Cost effective: For the development of custom software, the costs inculcated with it are most expensive and are beneficial as it is not necessarily assisted with constant change that it ultimately helps  in satisfying company requirements for the software development.
  • Secure: Hacking software’s are acquiring a huge popularity in the current market today. The thing is the presence of hackers is the ones who are already know the essence of techniques to hack what kind of software that are desirable. So in security point of view the team members will use their software’s with their provided authenticated ids.
  • Flexible: Depending upon the requirements of the company needs the estimation of custom software will be measured for the development. In terms of the absence of manipulating off the shelf application will let the developers to encounter over cost expensiveness or not suitable to be kept in their holdings regarding software applications.
  • Compatible: In case of operation perspectives, the group or company utilizes more software and its tools rigorously. So the software that is operated will initialize all these into account and make it compatible with the help of other tools of the company for the purpose of effective development.


Let’s discuss on the disadvantages resided;

  • The main drawback is the time taken in the process of development and the cost expensiveness. The time lagging will be approximately take weeks, months and sometimes it might take years too in the process of software development.
  • During execution of a program or software, you will gradually encounter bugs in the process. At that time interval testing will help you to eradicate bugs. In the framing of execution testing will take much more time after compiling the program.

Conclusion: Therefore this custom software is inculcated with two options in a huge number of times that includes time duration and maintenance costs that are more expensive during the process and after the process completion too. Especially this kind of software is not at all possible to do it conveniently in case of small business sectors. But in case of larger business the costs are higher apart of labor costs that are saved as a small efficiency perspective.