Smartest Solutions in the Youtube Subscriptions Now

A well-referenced video will help you make views and if in the video you encourage viewers to subscribe, then you will undoubtedly increase your number of subscribers to your channel. For this, find our tips for optimizing your natural SEO on Youtube on this magnificent article, the tips to optimize your SEO on YouTube


Yes, it’s silly, but to have more subscribe, just ask it directly in your video to your community. Orally say “and if you liked this video: subscribe”. Add annotations with subscription links. Put a subscription link in the default description of your videos or as the first link on your channel in the “about” section. In short, without becoming insistent, do not hesitate to ask. You can buy subscribers on youtube easily now.

What you should not do

There are sites that sell you subscribers. Aside from doing something like “I have a (page) bigger than yours”, it has NO interest or is counterproductive. As the interaction rate is essential for Youtube to estimate the quality of your channel and your video (and therefore bring it up in the search results), you will be disadvantaged and little by little your channel will die. In short, do not do it. And then the goal is to create a community and interact with it (and not to have a large number on its Youtube page). You will not be able to use Bots or Chinese subscribers paid € 0.0001 for this as subscribers.

How to manage and stay tuned to your community?

By interacting

By commenting on videos that look like you and responding to comments from your users (even negative), you get closer to your community by putting yourself at its level. Accepting criticism allows you to put yourself in the place of your Internet users and improve yourself. If your subscribers feel you are close to them, they will like and share your videos more easily. Develop your relationships with your most active subscribers and be grateful to them: your fans also like to be thanked and complimented. Exceptionally, you can even consider, once your community is large enough, to publish a video “FAQ” in which you answer the questions received from your fans.

By being available and accessible

It is necessary for you to be present on several social networks because they echo each other and allow gaining visibility. To have a community that follows you and know the output of one of your videos, for example make a Facebook page, a Twitter account (to request opinions and encourage retweet), and share your videos each time on it. An Instagram account can also be used as a supplement, especially for fashion / beauty Youtubers (who often have photos to show in addition to their videos) and put their link in their bio. You will be able to enrich your content.


With these tips, you will really create a strong community. This is done over the long term, regularly and with respect for everyone. Once this community is created and because you have taken time to build it, you may be able to ask yourself the question of how to earn money with your Youtube channel. This is the subject of our next article.