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Smartphones, tablets and other devices have in fact changed our way of life, allowing us to access information quickly and on the move. This obviously created a lot of competition and challenges. One of these is being able to find your application. And therefore place your app in the search results before those of competitors.

With over 2 million apps in major stores, spotlighting an application is one of the biggest problems developers face today. If a couple of years ago a name change and a keyword adjustment were enough, today the story has changed. Stores adapt and, just like search engines, fight any attempt to circumvent the rules. To say, the Play Store algorithm can be considered the little brother of Google’s indexing algorithm.

A data on all?

On Google Play, there are over 6 million unique phrases searched each month.

At this point the need arose, as in the case of search engine optimization (SEO), to study activities that would allow improvements to the positioning of the apps within the stores. It is the ASO indeed.

What is App Store Optimization?

The App Store Optimization (ASO) is the continuous optimization process of a mobile application, to place itself in the first search results of the dedicated stores. You can choose the best options for the same with the app store optimization services  now.


The goal of ASO’s activity is to put the application in the optimal condition to compete on organic research, obtaining greater visibility on the store. This greater visibility translates into more traffic on the application page and in fact an increase in the likelihood that the app will be downloaded.

If we want to look for an affinity, we can find it with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which aims to increase the visibility of a site or blog or internet page on the web.

What is App Store Optimization NOT?

Being a process of continuous updating and monitoring (of algorithm changes, user preferences, etc.) the App Store Optimization:

  • It is not a one-shot activity, but constant over time
  • Once done it is not valid forever
  • It’s not just about keyword research
  • It does not mean copying and above all it cannot be replicated tout court (on different apps and on different stores)

What are the relevant factors for App Store Optimization?

Currently the big players in mobile apps are Apple and Android. In this article we will focus on their stores, but we will also dedicate time and space to Windows Phone.The relevant factors that determine the positioning are many and have a different weight according to the various stores. For example the description is an important factor on the Play Store, while it has no relevance in terms of ASO on the App Store. From seo expert india you can find the best solutions there.

We can divide these factors into on-page and off-page. Some respond to clear specifications characterizing the algorithms, while others indirectly affect the ranking. The difference, a bit like in SEO, lies in the fact that positioning is given not only by internal factors in the app but also by external ones.