Skyscan Atomic Clock Is the Epitome of Excellent Design

Skyscan atomic clock is the epitome of excellent design and state of the art engineering. In an ordinary watch, pendulum and the gear maintain track of time. It is done by resonation of the pendulum, one swing per second. The digital clock keeps time by oscillating (60cycles per second in U.S. A and 50 cycles per second in Europe).The oscillation takes energy from the crystal quartz placed inside the clock or from the power line. In the atomic clock, it maintains time using the resonance frequencies of atoms. Atoms resonate at exceptionally consistent frequencies. An atom of Cesium -133 oscillates at 9,192,631,770 cycles per second. This gives atomic clock immaculate and perfect time maintaining mechanism.

Read the Manual

This clock displays radio-controlled time, time zone, date, and temperature of both indoor and outdoor. Manual setting option and 12/24 hours’ time display is available in this clock. The time is displayed in hour: minute: second format with an alarm setting with snooze feature. You can set the calendar and weekday display in three languages; English, French, and Spanish. The daylight saving time option is incorporated into it. Temperature can be displayed in centigrade and Fahrenheit as per your preference. Outdoor temperature information is transmitted remotely at a frequency of 433 MHz into the clock. You need to install two 1.5v A.A. batteries to run the clock.

Setting up procedure

After checking the polarity, insert the batteries correctly. The LCD will glow, showing indoor temperature, time as -:–, date as 1.1 and day of the week. If the indoor temperature is not displayed, remove and reinsert the batteries waiting after 10 seconds. After the commencement of the clock, place batteries into the transmitter. Outdoor temperature will be transmitted and will be displayed on the LCD monitor. If the temperature is not displayed even after 4 minutes, then remove the batteries from both slots and start the process again. Wait for 30 seconds before starting it again.

Time Setting

When the clock displays, outdoor temperature set the time zone manually. WWVB time code reception will start working. It usually takes 5 to 10 minutes to work properly. Even after 10 minutes, it does not work, use the manual setting to position the time. After you have set the time and date correctly, WWVB reception will be automatically activated. The system will get updated from 12 am to 6 am every day.It will try to refresh the time information every hour. When it successfully gets updated, it will supersede the manual setting.