Simple Camera App

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Many struggle to use Camera apps. Because camera apps become more and more complex with the addition of features and camera lenses. If you want simple camera application that does basic or main stuff quickly and easily, then Simple Camera app is for you.

All the features are nicely layout and can access easily. No need to go through several settings to add little bit of changes like many free camera applications. This is a completely free app. Many free camera applications serve ads. Ads are not appropriate for this kind of apps. Because camera apps are used to capture movements of life instantly. If advertisement starts to show up, you will definitely miss that moment. It is important to use ads free app like this.

Features of Simple Camera App

  • Full control over flash light. You can either turn on flash light and use it as a torch.
  • Easy zoom in and out using pinch to zoom instead of using a scroll bar like on most camera apps. Pinch to zoom is much easier to quickly zoom and focus to snap a photo.
  • Quick button to change cameras. Easily change between front and main cameras.
  • If you do not have enough memory on internal storage, you can change photo saving path to external storage and set resolution for more images or better images.
  • You can reduce noises in the picture. Focus the object you want to capture to get rid of noises coming in to the picture.
  • Have fun with face swap. Most famous camera feature is this. Instead of using a camera app that has only face swap, use this app that has all features of a camera.
  • Easily change output resolution, aspect ration and quality to find which settings best suited you. You can lower quality without noticing much different to store more photos and videos.
  • Play with nice and creative frames or collages. Add frames to photos and videos to make them more special.
  • Once you snap a photo, captured photo will showed as a thumbnail while allowing you for another shot without needing to go back. Thumbnail will ensure that you have taken the photo and it include what you want. 

You can download camera app for any Android phone or tablet using Google Play Store. If not, you can use third party app stores like AC Market. Make sure to install this camera apk using an app store to receive future updates and features.